Terraria Is Suddenly The Third Most Popular Game On Steam

Briefly: For the four of you who don't know, the exploration/crafting classic finally released its big 1.3 update. As a result, it's currently the third most-played game on Steam. What have you discovered in the new update?


    It's still Commander Keen with crafting.

    I love this game but I played sooooo many hours way back when. Not sure I can do it again. Mind you, a fully booby-trapped base during Blood Moon is a wonder to behold.

    With all the gaming controversy going on these days, poor releases, broken games, early access shenanigans, DLC DLC DLC, games pulled from sale... here we have a fantastic game which is a joy to play, fully supported by its developers and community, a new update which DOUBLES the games content for FREE, the developers giving back to the community... and all it gets is a shitty two line article on Kotaku.

    Quality deserves better than this.

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