The Australian Game That Makes Dungeon Crawling Competitive

Dungeon Crawling by its nature tends to be a solitary affair. It also tends to be a slow, step-by-step process — hence the word 'crawl'. Dungeon League is different. Dungeon League is an attempt to completely subvert that. Dungeon League is an Australian game doing its very best to break all those rules.

Describing what Dungeon League is? That's a challenge. You'll have more success describing what Dungeon League isn't.

It isn't po-faced. It isn't slow-paced. It isn't a solitary pursuit. It's a randomly generated gaming experience that takes Dungeon Crawling and somehow transforms it into a rapid-fire multiplayer experience. It's a same screen party game essentially, like a Towerfall, with dungeon crawling.

It looks great.

It's being put together by Sydney based developer Christopher Yabsley, a full-time composer and pixel artist. He took early versions of this game to events in and around Sydney and knew he was onto something when Dungeon League brought strangers together, and had them insulting one another in a tremendously short amount of time.

Dungeon League has been in development since early 2014 and hits Steam early access tomorrow, July 24.


    Looks like a pretty good idea. I think you meant to have July 24th instead of June.

    In my almost 40 years of gaming, Rogue likes and dungeon crawlers have what's been the last genre of game I'd play. But the past couple of years its all I want to play. Most recently is been screaming frustrated abuse at Darkest Dungeon. Damn that game is punishing!

    I will buy dungeon league tomorrow.

    Am I the only one who thinks of Gauntlet when they see this?

    "Po-faced" is a term I very rarely hear. It's great to know I can count on Kotaku (ie. Mark) using it every so often.
    On topic, Dungeon League looks like a competitive version of Gauntlet which I am all for. Probably wait a bit until it's more mature before I dive into it though, Early Access is always a bit of a gamble.

    Last edited 23/07/15 12:13 pm

    I saw it at AVCon and wanted to try but it was very popular and crowded at their stand - people seemed to have a lot of fun playing it, so that was a good sign. I'll pick it up - it should be a great game to play on my arcade cabinet (which is a pc inside).

    I saw them demo this at Avcon with Hex from Good Game. Looks like a heap of fun. It was playable there too which was awesome.

    Last edited 23/07/15 4:01 pm

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