The Australian PlayStation Store Is Having A Big Old Sale

Console store sales can't really compete with Steam sale in terms of ridiculous savings, but still — the PlayStation Network does play host to some really cool video games, so when a sale like this does come along? You should probably take advantage.

As always, I will give you my favourites from the sale.


Hotline Miami: $8.97 (40% off) FEZ: $5.98 (60% off) Proteus: $5.84 (70% off) Luftrausers: $5.38 (60% off)

That's what I'd be buying if I totally didn't have them already.

FEZ in particular. That game is amazing on the PS Vita.

Anyway, you can check out the sale here. Have at it!


    I got all excited about Fez & didn't like it. :-(

      Same here. I really wanted to like it, but just couldn't get into it.

      To be honest, horrible overrated game by a toxic developer :/

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        How come everyone is speaking poorly of the developer?

          He had a bad personality to begin with and fez success makes him think he is God.

      I've heard good things but I refuse to support the developer, so it's a pass for me.

      I'm glad I got it for free on PS+. I'd never pay for it.

      I played it before all the controversy surrounding Phil and it was an excellent game when you got into it. Your entire perspective completely changes on the 2nd and 3rd playthrough (spoiler warning: you go into first person and then third playthrough into 3D stereoscopic). Original, cool concept, great music. Not for everyone I guess but still one of the most unique game experiences to date.

        I liked all the music & visuals, I have no beef with Phish, I just wasn't having fun.

    Everyone hates it, but I really enjoyed the Flashback remake.

      Man, I loved the original Flashback. It copped some flak from my friends who called it a shitty Out of this World knock-off, but I thought it was better.

        Same, Out of This World had that Adventure Game logic I can't get my head around.

        Flashback was just straightforward puzzles & quests in a far more interesting setting.


        But it's the same developer... haha!
        +1 for Flashback being better than Another World, though.

          I think it's just because Out of This World was first.

          Truth is, Prince of Persia was the first to do that specific style.

        Flashback was sick! I remember getting stuck on the second level for AGES. Because I didn't have the manual and didn't realise you needed to do the run/jump in a certain way (I forget what exactly). So when I finally passed that I was overjoyed.

        Awesome, awesome game. The character animation was so cool.

    As a side note, this is the final sale in their month-long sales event so you have until next Wednesday to grab a bargain.

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      Thank god, this series of sales has been quite awful. The Big In Japan was great, bring on The Summer $ale now, it's gonna happen in the next week or two.

    Be warned with these sales: if you have PS+, most of these purchases are pointless. Half of the things on offer this time round (including everything Mark highlighted?) were offered on PS+ in the past. Basically everything I've bought in these sales over the past year or so has since been included later in the monthly games. So unless you want to play them RIGHT NOW (which is unlikely if you've waited for the sale anyway), save yourself some money and wait!

    One though: perhaps the developer gets more money if you buy the game directly rather than as part of a subscription, but I don't know the figures for PS+ rewards to confirm that.

      But once your PS+ subscription is out you no longer can play the game right?

    EH, give me AAA games at steam level pricing and then we'll talk.

    Luftrausers is pretty good little game. Didn't expect too much from the previews I've seen but ended up surprising me. A very good deal for that price.

    Tempted for Ziggurat...but I probably won't get around to playing it for a while and by then it'll be on PS+ knowing my luck.

    Went to Dick Smith at lunch today, all their last-gen games were being cleared between $10-$20 if anyone's still interested.

    Most of them have further discounts for ps plus subscribers.

    20% off journey.

    Never got round to playing it on ps3, so will definitely grab it on ps4 tonight!

    Has any one played LA Cops? It didn't review well but for $10 it doesn't look bad...

      I saw that too and thought about picking it up. Heard it was a more accessible Hotline Miami kind-of-thing, which I enjoyed. Still unsure about it though... May be worth the risk!

      Haven't played it, but I remember it receiving nothing but bad reviews on PC, I think your $10 is probably better spent elsewhere.

    there have been a couple weeks of different sales... surprised this is only being mentioned now...

    to the guy saying its not worth buying anything if u have ps+... i disagree, yes you can get burnt on it occasionally but i don't think they've ever repeated the same item for "free" twice? so just because something has been "free" (notice how i'm writing that? :P) doesn't mean it will be again... plus whats wrong with supporting a dev for a game you want?

    i tend to jump on most of the 50% or higher deals personally

    Is Home any good? It's always so cheap and the style looks good, but I worry about it's quality!

      Played it on PC, it's an interesting game. Rather short and lacking replay value, it's hard to judge what someone would think of this game. I enjoyed it, I remember it being an interesting exercise in storytelling, but I think I only paid less than $2 for it.

        Thanks for the info! I think I may as well pick it up!

    I didn't pay $500 for a console that plays 8-bit games

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