The Big Question: Game Of The Year So Far?

No poll today, just an open question. We're past the halfway point of 2015. What's been your favourite game so far?

For me? It probably still has to be Bloodborne. I think it's been a great year so far for games, but Bloodborne still stands out to me.

Other contenders? Splatoon is what immediately springs to mind, but I'm in love with it right now. Not sure, if that'll change in a month or so.

The Witcher 3? Sure, I like it. But I've found it a bit slow going. Not a huge fan of the combat. Batman: Arkham Knight? It's super polished, but not feeling compelled to keep playing for some reason.

What about you? Game of the year so far?


    Batman so far and I also really enjoyed ori and the blind forest

    It's all irrelevant because MGS5 will take the title anyway :)

    I did like Batman but I seem to lose interest, just don't want to see Bloodborne get it as it wasn't that special.

      I’m almost certain it’ll be Fallout 4 by the end of the year.

      I have almost zero excitement for Metal Gear for some reason, I haven’t really been impressed by one since MGS on the PS1.

      It’s just not my brand of action/stealth/ridiculousness. I never like the controls, the game worlds have their own wacky rules that don’t quite fit between realism and silliness (!)…. Not to mention the story.

        I feel like if you played Sons of Liberty and didn't like it, you probably won't like the rest. They all follow the same basic formula from there, even though there are lots of small changes. That said, people have said that they liked Ground Zeroes even though they hated the earlier ones, so that might be worth trying when it's cheap.

        TBH completely forgot about Fallout 4 but you're probably right :)

        MGS isn't for everyone obviously I just think based on what I've seen and Ground Zeroes it looks like a return to a more serious game (in some respects except anything to do with the box).

          It looks more realistic, but from what I’ve seen it’s still the bombastic Metal Gear story and characters.

          I played the first MGS on the PS1 and (like most people) thought it was the coolest sh*t ever.
          I remember watching the trailers for MGS 2 on the PS2 and being blown away, it just looked like the coolest most exciting game….

          But then I bought an Xbox instead of a PS2, and the Xbox had Splinter Cell which was more of a genuine stealth simulator. By the time MGS2 hit the Xbox with it’s slightly difficult camera angles, annoying controls and an extremely “gamey” AI, it just wasn’t the kind of game that I wanted it to be anymore.
          I’ve dabbled with a few different titles since but it’s never really grabbed me again.

          Will definitely try Ground Zeroes before MSG5 comes out though.

        Have you played Ground Zeroes? It's more of an open world game. Like a modern take on the original Metal Gear.

          No I haven’t, I’m guessing they’ll drop the price of it down to almost nothing (or put it on PSN/ XBL as a monthly free game) just before MGS5 comes out.

          It was comically overpriced at launch and I didn’t want to play the demo/prologue a year before the full game so I decided to wait.

          I will definitely play it at some point though.

            Actually it was just removed from the PS+ list. Like within the last 24 hours. =(

            It's certainly not something you could justify paying for if you're not a big fan. It's only one story level that really isn't super important, but the other 'simulation' scenarios show a lot of cool things you can do in the game. It's very different to say Sons of Liberty where it's all tightly narrated and full of heavily scripted sequences. If you want to reach an objective you're given a lot more freedom to just use the tools you have to find your own way.
            If MGSV follows this formula I think it'll be heavily critised for being short but ultimately it'll be a good move for the series.

      I found that after Arkham Asylum I would lose interest in the sequels rather quickly too... I don't like that the main story made up maybe 20-30% of the "stuff to do". Arkham Asylum, I thought, had a really nice balance of story to fetch-quests and treasure hunts with a well paced story.
      I remember playing Arkham City, getting to the end of the campaign and thinking.... Is that all? Seriously?


    I’ve only played a few hours of The Witcher and a I haven’t started Batman yet either.
    I really like Dying Light, it’s not perfect but it might be my favourite game so far this year.

    After #idarb, of course.

    I've played very few new games so far this year, so my votes probably have to go for Cities: Skylines, which restored my faith in the city builder genre; and the GTA5 PC release, which really exceeded my expectations given I'd already finished the game on X360.

    Anna's Quest!

    Okay, I haven't played that. To be honest, I haven't played any notable new releases this year. Not having a current gen console has stopped me from picking up a few games and everything that has come out on PC sits comfortably in the "wait until it's a good price/GOTY edition" pile.

    This year I've only really played TLOU remastered, SF4 and batman.

    So i guess it's batman. I like it but the tank stuff sucks and it's more of what we've already seen.

    The Witcher 3 at the moment... but no doubt by the end of the year it will be Fallout 4

    Witcher 3 for now, MGS5 when it comes out in September ;)

    I... don't think I've played a game that was released this year. What with my Destiny fiaxtion and pile of shame and Steam sales, I just haven't gotten around to anything.

      Paddling in a similar boat at a rate of knots. Destiny wins my EOFY GOTY by elimination.

      Same here. Destiny, I wish I knew how to quit you.

    It's been a relatively quiet year so far but a fair few big names hitting in the second half. I've only really played ESO that's new this year (on consoles at least).

    I know what my game of the year is going to be though. Fallout 4 all the way. It'll be my game of the year for the next couple of years as well

    Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition ... it we're going for things that haven't had previous releases, probably Arkham knight by default. I don't think I've really played much else that's come out this year

    The Witcher 3, followed by Arkham Knight - both were exceptional.

    Looking forward to MGS and Fallout, could be contenders.

    Guilty Gear Xrd Sign for me. I have a feeling it will change once Disgaea 5 comes out though.

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    Tales From The Borderlands

    Certainly the best writing & use of music I've seen in a game for a while. Solid voice acting too.

    It could be Axiom Verge because I haven't played it but otherwise Bloodborne.

    I've mostly been playing older stuff, I just finished Dark Souls.

    All my big anticipated games are Q4.

    Edit: holy shit, fuck you autocorrect

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    BloodBorne for me.

    Really enjoying The Witcher 3 so far, but the combat is pretty awkward compared to BloodBorne, so BloodBorne wins by a nose.

      I think Bloodborne is a very focused game and its combat is very precise. The Witcher 3's combat feels very epic but much less consequential. I'd rate The Witcher 3 just as highly as Bloodborne in terms of world design, art direction, sound. Story-wise, they are completely different beasts and it just feels too hard to compare them. The Witcher 3 is a sledgehammer whilst Bloodborne is an arrow (to my heart).

        ''...whilst Bloodborne is an arrow (to the knee)'' . :)

          That reminds me. I really should play Skyrim. I wonder what the odds of a PS4 remaster are...

    Bloodborne by a mile

    Tie between Witcher 3 and Arkham Knight for me so far.. though I havent finished Witcher 3 just yet, and not all of the Most Wanted missions in Arkham Knight

      If we have to wait until we actually finish a game for it to be a contender then the The Witcher 3 may well end up being my game of the year for 2018 :P

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