The Big Question: Which Console Are You Using Most?

All three 'current gen' consoles have been out for a while now. Which one do you spend the most time with?

For me, it's pretty close between the PS4 and the Wii U. I play a lot of games on the Wii U because it has the most family friendly games and my son often likes to watch me play stuff. For that reason I've found myself playing a lot of Splatoon and Yoshi's Wolly World as of late.

My PS4 gets a big workout because it's the console my family uses to watch Netflix. Also because I do a lot of my gaming on that console. If a game is multiplatform I tend to play on the PS4. I also tend to play a lot of downloadable games on the PS4.

How about you? What console do you use the most?



      I didn't think any Steam Machines had been released yet.

        Big Picture is kinda like having a console I guess:

          I was being silly

            I know, I know. :P

        It would be interesting to know how many just went ahead and built their own 'Steam Machine' over the past 12 months. I know I did, as did 3 of my 4 gaming friends.

        I also game a lot on PS4, but there is no way I can justify spending $80 on a Lego game for PS4 when I can literally pay $10 for it on Steam. As far as my 6yo son is concerned, he has no idea what 'console' we are playing on when we play Lego Marvel Superheroes!

        Steam forever (but I do like the PS4 too).

          I built a "Steam Machine" long before the big picture mode even came out. Xbox 360 controller with wireless adapter, and connect the PC to the TV with a keyboard and mouse (Wireless, of course) on a arm level table, relaxing on the couch.

          These days though, I just prefer tosit at a proper table xD.

        Alienware has released one of theirs.. The Alienware Alpha. But it comes with Windows 8.1, not Steam OS.

          But...I was being silly!

            Honestly you were right though. Since I haven't seen any shipping with Steam OS :P

    Wii-U by a long shot, this is despite having a PC with a Titan card in it.
    The Wii-U is just more fun, and social, and there has been a run of great games.
    Also, been using the Wii-U for netflix instead of the PS3 or HTPC. Seriously, it is the best frigging netflix viewer ever, and you can just watch on the Wii=U screen when you want to watch something no-one else does. Simply awesome.
    The PS4 would be next, the XBox one went back, so I don't have one any more. The 360 occassionally gets some playtime with the kids, and every now and then I fire up Halo on it.

    Hoping to get time for some more PC gaming in though.

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      Does that limit you to Aussie netflix? Or did you change settings in your router?

      I prefer using my media PC for netflix, as its easy to swap regions using Tunnelbear (or similar program).

      Sucks that I need UK Netflix for Sherlock and the Good Wife, US for 30 Rock, etc

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        I don't get why switching regions isn't being talked about more as piracy? You still violate the copyright and netflix singled it out as something they want stopped with the new blocking sites bill here. It'll piss me off because I use international VPNs for legit purposes for testing with work at times.

          Not violating copyright at all, it's violating TOS. It's an issue between you and Netflix, not you and the rights holders.

            That's still piracy though, you are accessing content you have not paid for the rights to view. I don't think it's a big deal but it just irks me when i've seen some people in the past post about how righteously they are against piracy then talk about how they use american netflix now with a proxy.

              Personally, I literally don't care about pirating or paying, I use Netflix and Hulu because it's more convenient than pirating. If the rights holders want to restrict me from accessing it, that's their own problem, and piracy will quickly become more convenient again.

              Yeah but you're still paying for it. I'm sorry but I don't intend on paying for a second tier service when there's a better option legally within reach. FThe or too long in this country we've been forced to take whatever the hell big corporations feel like giving us - always with the same tired empty excuses: our population isn't big enough, our standard of living is too high - well fuck them. They have failed to meet my needs as a consumer so I'll go elsewhere for my entertainment. Thanks to the internet we now have options

              If you are travelling with your Netflix account, you are allowed to watch the local netflix in whatever country you are in, so you have actually paid for the right to view it.
              You can't be logged into, say Australia and UK Netflix at the same time, so I don't think there is an issue really.
              Paying for a service (which means the content creators get paid) and using a proxy to access it is a different thing to piracy, both idealogically and legally.

                But in Australia netflix don't have the right to sell you the content you are watching. Other companies have paid for the right to have that content exclusive in this country so legally you should be paying to view it through their service. It's the same attitude as people before netflix saying that it's easier to just torrent the show and f them for not providing a better service. I don't see how people can't see it as similar. Easier to justify for the user as you still pay something sure but it's still not right.

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              if you go on holidays over there you would have the same effect as a vpn and have access to their regions netflix not ours - if you use your aussie netflix account whilst overseas.
              so no not piracy, as dknigs said its just a violation of TOS.

                Yep. And if you went on holiday there, you'd be paying US state sales taxes, tariffs on whatever goods attracted tarriffs etc. - working (if you were to work on your holiday), and being paid their wages.

                You'd be validly using the terms of service - but also contributing generally to the economy/government revenue of the country in which those terms of service are valid. In the country that has the economic infrastructure/market to sustain the price and content.

              No, it's not. It's the same as buying a bluray from the US. Any regional restriction is purely a civil matter and australian courts have always been on the front foot of protecting australians from regional content restrictions. Remember how all DVD players sold in australia became region free after a few years of being locked to region 4? Or how you can mod playstations purely for the purpose of playing games from overseas? Australian courts told sony (in both cases) to go jam their regional restrictions up their collective poo shoots.

              You would be correct though if you were to re-broadcast that content in a public way, like in a sports bar on the TV.

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        US Netflix worked on Wii-U when I last tried it.

        I watch Aussie, US or UK netflix, I have a provider and I just switch using their website, takes two seconds.

      Yeah Wii U for me too, despite the fact I have a PS4 and a good gaming PC.


    I'd play PS4 more if it were portable.

    But yeah, seeing as I don't own a bone or a weeooo...

      You're alright, Rottingscumface. You're alright.

      Vita brothers unite!

        You getting Lost Dimension this month?

        I just grabbed Oreshika & Shovel Knight

    I've been a PS4 user mostly. But Xbox One streaming to Win 10 will change that.

    My TV is literally just a Netflix machine. I use my gaming laptop in the same roon for a bit of HOTS or light gaming. But being able to stream directly to it from my Xbox will be a bit of a game changer. Especially when MS pulls their finger out and add the wireless gamepad dongle.

    But if I had to choose between either machine, and would only game on TV, then the PS4 would win.

    I have a Wii U and PS4, but out of those two it's easily the PS4.

    Currently it's my PS4 but I still go back to my 360.

    Ps4 for me. Wii U for my wife. PS4 gets the most use because we use it for our Netflix streaming.

      Pretty similar. Use Both a Wii U and PS4.
      I use the Wii U daily though, because I also use that to stream Netflix.

    Uh... What's Wii U doing on this list? I thought we were talking about 'current gen'? :)

      Wii U is still in the category of Current Generation

        That's... my snarky joke. I'm feigning surprise at its inclusion, implying it's not meant to be on a 'current generation' list because it's running on technology equivalent to the other last-generation hardware.

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          Blame Nintendo for always cheapening out on us :p

            That was the idea. Good-natured tribalism and rivalry and such... Go team not-Nintendo!

          I'll step in for Nintendo by saying that the gpu architecture smokes the last gen consoles, even games like Lego city show all sorts of self shadowing and texture resolutions that would crush the 360. I also can't recall a single Wii u game which suffers from screen tearing (darksiders perhaps?). Most wanted was a fantastic third party port which shows the night and day difference between last gen and the Wii u, and it was smacked together in a few months from no previous experience.

          The "comparable specs" thing was caused by initial scoffing at the low single core speed of the cpu in comparision to the ps360, which ignored the massive shift away from cpu dominated performance and towards multi-threaded parallel processing. The ps4 and xbone also went down the same path.

          The Wii u does alright with what it's got. Its not missing out on third parties because of a power deficit, it's clearly all politics and Nintendo's failure to market the thing.

            Will you just... Seriously? You're making reasonable points instead of returning fire with insults and baseless generalizations. Stop that!

            Am I the last person here who remembers how to Console War properly, or is this seriously going to come down to a non-judgmental exchange of mutually-appreciated opinions on both the subjective and objective merits of pieces of non-mutually-exclusive entertainment options and their relative value to a variety of people with differing lifestyle-based priorities?

            Nintendo Magazine System used to feature fan-art of mutilated Sonic the Hedgehog!

            Bah. I'm going back to my bastion of PC-gaming perfection to wait for the new Batman to be released. Console peasants.

              The pc is just full of crippled ports from the subpar consoles, most games require a controller. Your master race is being diluted by buggy AAA titles which have to pander to the lowest common denominator (xbone COD fans).

              Enjoy your Indies while you can, they're all turning into mobile games anyway.

                Mobile.... *cries*
                You went too far... too far.


                You clearly don't like PC, but you don't seem to like consoles either. Where do your loyalties lie?

            Something something Project Cars something something.

          Well it's more like last gen .5, better than last gen hardware, but not really next gen.

    I'll ignore the 'current gen' criteria rule


    1. nVIDIA Shield Android TV console
    2. SONY PS4
    3. Nintendo Wii U


    1. Nintendo 3DS XL (New)
    2. Android tablet
    3. nVIDIA Shield portable 1

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      I am the same, the Shield TV gets used more than my PS4. I don’t use the Shield to game though, for me it is solely a media player/streamer for Kodi, Netlfix and YouTube.

        Yeah, I game on mine 95% of the time. But Kodi is pretty sweet too

          As in, you gamestream titles from your PC?

            I play PC games via GRID and I play my PS games via ePSXe. Most of all though, I play Android (console quality only (non-freemium)) games natively.

      For me it's

      1. PS4
      2. PS3... large backlog of JRPGs
      PC is used for gaming about as much as the PS3, but it's not a console...

      1. PS Vita
      2. Android tablet
      3. 3DS (not New 3DS, not enough new games that I'm interested in yet).

        Yeah, I hate having a huge backlog of games to play :(

        Wow, that's my exact set-up. I probably use my 3DS (which is a New 3DS XL) a bit more than the Android Table (Sony Tablet S) but apart from that, identical.

    Of the current-gens it's the PS4 over the Wii U by a whisker.
    But the console I use the most is far and away the Vita. I tend to listen to podcasts a lot and while I'm doing that (or commuting) I'm playing Minecraft. I don't know how I went without my Vita before I got it.

    That's actually a tricky question because it varies at any given time depending on what I'm playing. Technically my Wii U is the most played only by dint of the fact I watch stuff on Crunchyroll on it most nights. I don't play too many actual games on it at the moment though. I'm currently putting in a bunch of USFIV practice on the PS4 at the moment so that's getting a workout but I tend to still play my PS3 the most overall. In the handheld court, I play more 3DS and Vita (they're about equal) than Wii U and PS4 combined.

    My Xbone keeps me busier than I have time for.

    I’ll get a PS4 one day but it’s hard to justify when I’ve got Batman, Dying Light, Witcher 3, Project CARS and about 6 other games piled up waiting to be finished. Particularly as most of my friends are Xbox gamers which means I would still be playing 3rd party titles on the Xbone despite the worse performance. When it gets some more killer 1st party exclusives I’ll get on board.

    There’s nothing on the WiiU that can justify the cost (or even the space under my TV) at the moment. Within nothing on the horizon (assuming Zelda WiiU is not coming out on the WiiU) that looks remotely like a title that would justify buying an expensive console who’s replacement is already in the advanced planning stages I think it’ll be the first Nintendo console I miss in the past 5 generations.

      You just need to get better friends. :P
      The Wii-U is tiny, so doesn't take up much space, I had no interest in buying one, I won ours at Supanova last year, even the kids were not excited when I unpacked it, but it soon became the most played by far. I reckon you are missing out on some great gaming, especially if you have history with Nintendo, which I don't.

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    PS4 mostly with a little bit of XBONE on the side, mostly Halo.

    Its funny, last gen I used to play mp games on 360 and the rest on PS3. This gen it's everything on ps4. I'm just waiting for a few more exclusives to come out before I purchase an Xbox one. Perhaps once gears of war, forza 6, and halo 5 are out, or two of the three.

    The wii u gets a play now and again. I've got yo shi'a woolly world and captain toad's treasure tracker.

    My PC also gets a work out at least once a week. I've been playing the hell out of banished on steam lately.

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    In terms of gaming, definite my PC, but console specifically is my Wii U which compliments the PC so well. My understanding is that a lot of PC gamers are of the same mind.

    PC. and also my Xbox one which is now just a dedicated netflix machine.

    My PS4 because my PC is currently RAM-less and I can't afford new RAM right now and my 360's battery packs are all dead and I can't find those charging stations.

    I am a PC user and was looking at current gen consoles, there an awesome package with many features, for the price and knowing all games will work I can live with 30fps but after bloodbourne came out, the game i really wanted I decided against it. The loading times are the killer for me even with a SSD they are super long only saving a second or 2 in most cases when they should be halved at least. If they fix loading times (SSD should be much faster then it is) then I would make that my primary gaming machine... loading time is problem that should of been solved this generation.

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    I have all 3 as of Sunday, finally got my ps4. My heart sank all last year realizing my beloved xbone wasnt performing like the ps4, in a way I regretted getting the xbone but I've found myself thinking and saying "Im glad its out of the way" as the upcoming exclusives and halo mcc (campaigns are great multiplayer is shit anyway) are very exciting to me. I love my xbox but I will be buying all my multiplats for the ps4, thus far I obviously can't say the ps4 is my most played but I can't explain how much more joy going through the menus give me, having the 20th anniversary theme blasting out nostalgia and style, there's a lot more fun in trophies as compared to the xbone achievements, this will be the console that gets my time, definitely. I'm not hooked up on performance but I can say I notice a difference on the ps4 and the ui is so much faster to navigate. Let us never forget the wii u, wind waker makes that console worth purchasing!

    PS3 and PC
    Haven t seen the need to upgrade yet, as everything on the PS4 I've been interested in has been either a re-release or hasn't gotten great reviews.
    Besides with my PS3 and steam backlogs, it could be awhile before I jump over

    There really should be a "other" or "non of the above" option as well

    Am I the odd one out only having 1 current gen console (xbone) all these people with multiple current gen consoles where do you find the money and/or time for them all.

    I still jam the 360 from time to time though but it sees less and less use as time goes on.

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      You didn't read my post I see :'-(

      In my case, as soon as the next lot of consoles are announced, I start saving every penny I can. Then when they get released, I just pick the one I think suits me best at the time. I also sometimes ask for gift cards or cash for birthdays and Christmas and pop that into the savings account too.

      It wasn't many years into the last gen that prices really started tanking for some reason. It was often pretty easy to pick up one of the consoles for $300 or even less, depending on what kind of sales the retailers were pulling. (Department stores more than specialists like EB.)

      At those prices, it was definitely pretty reasonable for a die-hard gaming enthusiast to invest a few weeks disposable income for what turned out to be nearly a decade of gaming.

      We're getting pretty close to that now. I haven't really had a reason to pick up an xbone for its exclusives, yet. Halo 5 will probably be my tipping point, maybe sometime next year. I'll likely binge on the back-catalogue of exclusives, and from then on out, it really will be a question of, "What do I want to leave plugged in?"

        Its not really the money aspect like I can afford to buy them its just the time really between work wife kids there is more than enough on the xbox to keep me entertained in my gametime. but I guess not everyone has them so they have the disposable income and time to dabble with other consoles.

          Ah yep, see I don't have kids... yet. I imagine if/once that happens though, I would end up with less time and less money to spend on gaming.

          I'd hope to think they would get into games themselves and perhaps even keep my collection going.

      Dude we’re the same.

      I’m a 30 year old with a decent job and a girlfriend, I think I’ve got a reasonable amount of free time but even with only an Xbone I can’t fathom how people have time to play all this stuff.

      The Witcher 3 is what, 80 hours for a reasonable playthrough? If I start that and I’m tinkering with Project CARS, playing Dying Light occasionally, playing Batman…. Then you open up the online store and you’re like “Oh, I’d love to play Elder Scrolls Online, that’d steal my life. Oh, Alien looks cool. Oh, I loved the first Dragon Age!”.

      Before you know it you’ve got 500 hours of gameplay backed up. Even at two hours a night, which a lot more than I get, you’re looking at 7-8 months worth of gaming and you’re still skipping over plenty of pretty good games and assuming you don’t get addicted to playing anything online.

      We’ve got Halo 5, Forza 6, Star Wars Battlefront coming out at the end of the year.
      Oh and Fallout 4! Last time Bethesda released a game I WAS single and it stole about 3 months of my life… before the expansion packs even came out.

      I could afford the other gaming consoles, but I’d just be throwing my money away. I don’t have time for a Bloodborne addiction.

        Stop making well-reasoned and logical points about backlogs! I need to believe I can blow through mine in the next year or two -!/shelf/unfinished

        EDIT: And also, Bloodborne cannot be rated highly enough. Not playing it is literally a crime (in the eyes of all discerning gamers) ;-)

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          On a side note, thank you for that cataloging website. I was about to buy the colletorz app to put my games into some sort of catalogue, so I can keep a list where ever I go.

          You just saved me some money.

            It's not bad, although I haven't tried out which I hear is another good one.

    PC at the moment (football manager and wow), if I had to pick a console though my xbox one gets far more use than my PS4 and my Wii U hasn't even been turned on in a long time. At the moment though the xbox one/ps4 usage is just that I prefer the xbox controller and OS as the only games I've been playing lately on it have been mutli platform (nba2k and the witcher).


    Still, I love my big bulky son of a gun Xbox One too. But just not as much...."Sorry champ."

    My PS3 gets the most use followed by the Wii then 360. All that comes way after the PC.

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