The First Five Minutes Of The Latest Bikini Zombie Bloodbath

The latest instalment of the Onechanbara series arrives in North America today, giving US PlayStation 4 owners all the blood-splattered monster-slaying bikini action they can handle. Granted they might not be able to handle much.

In the First Five video I keep referring to Onechanbara Z2 Chaos as fanservice, but the series takes its fanservice to such ridiculous levels that it's pretty much a parody of itself. It's the sort of game you pick up to show other people how outrageous Japanese games can be. Women who absorb the power of monster blood through their skin so they must wear as little clothign as possible into battle? That's just silly.

If you think about Onechanbara Z2 Chaos too much there's a good chance you'll find something to be offended by (especially if you download the Banana Split Edition costumes). As Steve Bowling says in his TAY review of the game, it's something "you have to play because they're just fun to turn your brain off and enjoy."

And just to make up for all those First Five loading screens, here's the game's opening, complete with catchy theme song.


    Pls stop talking over these videos. It makes them unwatchable.

    I mute this shit and make up my own mind.

      So go find another video that doesn't have talking over it......

      With access to so many choices it just seems impractical to watch a series known for its creators narration and complain about it before watching it muted.

      There are plenty of plenty of people doing what you like, no need to make everyone who isnt do what you want.

      It's a first impressions series, talking about his impressions is the point.

    If only Leo was still doing them. His were great.

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