The Gameplay Of Skaven Slaughter Simulator Vermintide Explained

The co-op, first-person smasher Vermintide is certainly one of the more interesting Warhammer games currently in development. If you caught the teaser back in April and have been hungry for more, this three-minute video should do the trick.

Associate producer Liam O'Neill and game designer Victor Magnuson from developer Fatshark Games talk us through some of Vermintide's concepts, including the focus on visceral hand-to-hand fighting, equal loot distribution and having the players use race-appropriate weapons:

Something that is really important in first person games is that you feel connected with whatever you're fighting against — especially in melee combat. So we've put a lot of work into animations, effects, sounds and stuff like that to make sure that you really feel the impact of each blow.
In Warhammer, an elf would never use a dwarf sword and we've reflected that in the types of weapons that our different heroes can use.

Watching the video, I get a Dark Messiah of Might and Magic vibe — a game I quite enjoyed. The fact it's a co-op game set in the world of Warhammer is icing on the cake. Actually, it is the cake.

Inside The Vermintide [Part 1] [YouTube]


    looks pretty good hopefully its as fun to play as left4dead. I will probably pick this up

    I so want this to succeed!

    Well, it doesn't matter if it turns out good or not, I'm getting this thing and playing the hell out of it.

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