The Hidden Power Of Oreo Thins

Here at Snacktaku we don't usually condone playing with your food, but Nabisco's new Oreo Thins make it too easy.

In this video I uncover two secrets. The first is that the new skinny Oreos have the ability to connect together like building blocks to create complex shapes. This might seem like a trivial discovery, but I assure you its imagined importance is paramount. So paramount that I woke up early on this, the eve of my four week sabbatical from all things Snacktaku and Kotaku related to record this video.

The other secret is that if you have a big bushy beard and live with two cats, maybe change your t-shirt or buy a lint brush before filming a video first thing in the morning.

We'll reconvene in early September for more news, reviews and snackhacks.


    No. No no no no no.

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