The Most Insane Grand Theft Auto Stunt You Will Ever See

Man. How was this even possible? How.

I am still shaking my head at this.

It. Is. Insane.

One man. Full blast on a motorcycle. Massively epic jump off a ramp. Jumps off the motorcycle — basically into an impromptu base jump.

Then flies through a goddamn hole that a human being should not be fitting into.


Just wow.


    Now how many times did they try this before nailing it?

      According to the Youtuber concerned: "Too many to count. Was trying for a long time. Non stop since PC release :)"

      who cares how many times they tried. to nail that so precisely with our without practice, is still impressive.

        It's not about minimising the impressiveness, it's about the amazing amount of times it would have taken.. the dedication, determination, the awesomeness that someone would devote that much time to nailing the trick. :)

    "One man. Full blast on a motorcycle." Wasn't that a female character? Careful, you don't want to start something.

      It's one small ambulatory movement for a non-gender specific humanoid entity, one giant momentarily gravity defying physical movement for the metaphysical entity that is the representation of all collective societies existing on the earth at this given point in time.

      Yeah. Doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

    That... Was a hell of a thing.

    Hat's off.

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