The Most Unusual Japanese Hamburger Buns Yet

The Most Unusual Japanese Hamburger Buns Yet

We've seen black buns, blue buns, and red buns. All bread buns! Screw that, let's use tomatoes.

It's called the "Tomami Burger" ("toma" as in "tomato" and "mi" or 実 as in "fruit" or "seed").

The Most Unusual Japanese Hamburger Buns Yet

[Photo: Model Press]

According to Model Press, each burger uses one big fucking tomato.

The meal deal (pictured below) is 880 yen or US$7.11. The burger is only available in the Mos Burger in Tokyo's Osaki and will be offered for a limited time only.

The Most Unusual Japanese Hamburger Buns Yet

[Photo: Mos]

The actual burger, of course, can look slightly different from the publicity pics.

Top photo: Model Press


    Whenever i order a burger i always ask to hold the tomato,so. Ot so great for me

      Now you get to hold the tomato yourself.

    I like tomato a lot but that's too much. Do they at least core the thing so there isn't a glass of tomato juice just waiting to assault you...

    Well it still has meat so I'll give it a go ;)

      That's what she.....

      Goddammit I can't finish that sentence...

    Oh that's clever for little sliders. Sort of how folk use lettuce leaves in place of burger buns.

    I use iceberg lettuce leaves as taco shells. It's awesome.

    It's a lot healthier than using meat patties as the bun like America is wont to do. I'm also a fan of the Rice burgers that MOS Burgers does.

    Surely this would be the best takeaway truth result ever?

    Bun(Tomato) looks just like the picture and they used proper lettuce!

    Just going to point out that Mos Burger is possibly the worst burger chain in Japan.

    ... if you want the best Japanese burgers, Freshness Burger is #1!

    Its a healthy idea in theory, but would be extremely messy I would think. Think of all the tomato seeds/juice that would burst out when you took a bite. Not to mention it would get drippy and slippery with no bread to soak up the meat juices.

    What is in the glass? I can see the tomato, but not sure what else is in there...

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