The New Dragonball Z Movie Is Coming To Australian Cinemas

Who likes going to the cinema to watch anime? I do. Sometimes. If it's the right movie.

And it seems like we're getting way more showings here in Australia. Case in point: Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’.

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ screening at 69 locations throughout Australia and New Zealand. That's a pretty sizeable launch for an anime. You can find a list of all the locations here.

I'm down. But do you know what I'm even more down for? That stupid new Naruto movie that stars Naruto's son Baruto. That is going to be the most idiotic movie ever made and I am so down for it.


    Subbed 3D only in NSW and Queensland... Guess I'm seeing it in 2D then

    I prefer dubbed to subs, the new dubs are pretty good and it's hard to take Goku's Japanese voice seriously. Might see it in dubbed 3D (although no sub versions are being shown in SA anyway).

      i know right. i just watched the first Dragonball Super episode after years of watching Z with english voice actors, and man, its friggin annoying. i dont get what the thing is with male anime leads being voiced by middle aged japanese women. give these characters the balls and testosterone they deserve.

    I'm only about an hour from the closest city with a cinema on that list. Considering going.

    I don't really like watching anime at the cinema because many of them are still animated at 12 fps instead of 24, and the jittering really gets to me on a big screen. I'm fine on a TV.

    Yes! My closest cinema in my neighborhood plays it!

    cool, it's playing 10mins away from me. now to find other like-minded friends in their late 20's that are into DBZ... :'(

    They're putting it on in Scumshine and Belgrave... Yet nothing for Eastland or Knox City?
    I guess it's off to the city then... Oh look, 4 sessions over a weekend... Well that's gonna be packed to the shithouse with annoying kids.

    Seriously, whoever got the locations for VIC needs to be fucking shot.

    BARUTO! Hahaha, never gets old. Attack on Titan live action film seems to be slated for an August release here too, woop woop.

    I too am looking forward for the Boruto movie. I missed out on the last, so I'm definitely seeing this one.

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