The New League Of Legends Champion Can Be A Massive Troll

The New League Of Legends Champion Can Be A Massive Troll

League of Legends’ giant catfish champion Tahm Kench brought a powerful new ability into the game when arrived last week: with or without his teammate’s permission, the guy can swallow an ally champ whole and carry them around in his belly for a few seconds. You can probably see where this is going.

In an indignant post on Riot’s official forums for its popular multiplayer game, League player and YouTuber Fatty Waffleson went as far as accusing the developer of giving in-game trolls their very own champion. As evidence, he submitted a short clip from the end of a recent ranked game he’d played during which he claims he was relentlessly harassed by a teammate playing as Tahm Kench. The secret to all his trolling? That swallowing-other-champions ability, which the YouTuber claims Kench used to both a) send him to his certain death by carrying him towards enemies before spitting him out straight into the line of fire, and b) stop him from even leaving his team’s base by the end of the game.

He doesn’t show footage of the first offence, but the clip shows the Tahm Kench troll in full force by late-game. He just keeps swallowing his ally and carrying him all the way to the very back of the base — i.e. doing the most annoying thing imaginable with him:

I’m not convinced that Riot should be held directly accountable for troll behaviour like this Kench player’s. The developer clearly designed the move so Tahm Kench could help his allies. It’s intended to be a handy tool for repositioning allies on the fly if, say, one of your teammates suddenly starts taking a lot of damage. Like he does by rescuing Jinx in this example provided in Riot’s champion spotlight:

One could also argue that any number of League of Legends champions have the potential to troll other players thanks to their unique abilities as well. But as one League forum-goer observed in a thread last week: “No other champion has the ability to REPOSITION you to a fatal destination without your consent. That’s a whole new level of trolling that shouldn’t be allowed.”

Hopefully Riot’s new rapid-fire feedback system will be able to catch troll Tahm Kench players as they pop up. Because while the catfish is a wonderful new addition to the League character roster, being devoured against your will by a teammate gets really frustrating really fast.

Picture: Screenshot of Tahm Kench in his “Master Chef” skin via Surrender at 20.


  • Wait… can’t other characters in LOL force you to re-position? There are loads in Dota (Tiny, Earth Spirit, Ezalor, Tuskarr, Chen, Kunkka, VS, Pudge, possibly a few more). Hell, Force Staff is an item that ANY character can buy (quite cheaply) that lets you re-position any character, friend or foe.

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