The Simpsons Mashed Up With Akira, In Trailer Form

Bartkira is a weird project. Weird but awesome. Simply put, it's a community art project squishing The Simpsons and Akira into one thing, recreating the entirety of the Akira manga with Simpsons characters.

The anime had been left untouched. Until now.

Now a team of artists and animators have taken Bartkira to the next level, creating a trailer for the manga. It's animated. It moves. It has voice acting. It's glorious.

It takes the pure genius of the Bartkira project — the pitch perfect casting of Simpsons characters in the Akira univese — and places it brilliantly within the unique animation style of Akira itself. That's the real achievement of this trailer: it feels exactly like Akira. The explosions, the cuts, the movement of the characters — it's all so brilliantly done.

You have to watch this.


    I'm so annoyed at myself for not jumping on this and doing a page or two when i first heard about it. It just seems to get better and better.

      It looks like they're only half way through the story - 3 books released of 6, so you might still have a chance.

        Worth a shot I guess, just emailed them to see if there's still stuff left to do. *fingers crossed*

    How have I never heard of this project before? I just spent a couple of hours reading through the first book.
    It certainly... exists.

    I should watch Akira again, been a while

      Every time i watch it i come away with a massive headache. i dont know why.

        Too much AWESOME for just one sitting?

        You should try the original manga. The art and the plot are absolutely mind blowing. I could just spend hours staring at the background panels. It's that good. O_o;

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