The Source Code For This Game Fits Inside A Single Tweet

If the popularity of game jams is anything to go by, indie game coders love the chance to flex their programming and creative skills. So when Aussie dev Ben Porter last week issued the challenge to fit a game inside a single tweet, he got a fair number of replies, including this strangely addictive effort from a guy by the name of Alex Yoder.

Here's Porter's call to arms:

And Yoder's response, which arrived on 1 July:

Yes "Tiny Twitch" (as it's called) is not very playable in raw code form, so you can hit up Yoder's website to give it a go, or play the embedded version below:

There's not much to it — just click the "X" as many times as you can. When the time limit runs out, you'll be given a score. My best is 17, which I think is alright.

@alex_yoder [Twitter, via RPS]


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