The Steam Players Dedicated To Reviving Dead Multiplayer Games

The Steam Players Dedicated To Reviving Dead Multiplayer Games

Time takes its toll on everything — even games that, theoretically, could go on forever. People get bored, or games stop updating, or a sequel sucks the life out of the original. And then, before long, your favourite game's a ghost town. Dead MP Games Resurrection Group's goal is to fix that, even if the game in question returns to its grave after only a single night.

Here's their mission statement:

"Let's face it: we all have those games in our library. Old gems with amazing multiplayer or co-op modes that seriously deserve some love and loyal players, but have sadly become dead, deserted, and forgotten. Those games vainly wait for better times to come."

"The Dead MP Games Resurrection Group is a group of Steam players dedicated to reviving our dead multiplayer games if even for one night. Events can be created by group members for any dead multiplayer game on Steam that we support! Let's get some of these games active again!"

As of writing, the group had 422 members — a pretty impressive number given how few Steam groups truly take off. More importantly, they have recently rededicated themselves to hosting regular events and bringing cobweb-strewn classics back from the brink.

The group is open to everyone, so you — yes you, Richard (for the purpose of this article, you are all temporarily named Richard) — can get in on the action. It's a smart idea, especially on a service like Steam, which houses thousands of games with countless years of history. There are plenty of golden oldies to rally around, as well as smaller games that might have never had much of a chance to catch on in the first place.

Now then, which multiplayer games are you interested in reviving?


    Tribes Ascend

      Repai-Repai-Repai-Repai-Repai-Repair the Generator!!!


      Love me some Tribes Ascend!

    Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow had a great multi-player mode! (or was is Chaos Theory? It was the Spy vs Merc one where the spies played in 3rd person and the Merc's played in 1st person)

      Multiplayer was introduced in Pandora Tomorrow, and Coop play in Chaos Theory.
      Since then, all the Splinter Cell games have had Spies vs Merc, and the Blacklist PvP seems to still be in use, though largely US players. The Co-Op is all but dead unless you play at 1am and get players from the Northern Hemisphere.

    Yes, Tribes Ascend!

    422 members...they are now over 1500!!!

    Command and Conquer + Red Alert 2 !!!! yayyyyyyyyy!

    Rainbow Six: Vegas 2
    Still a lot of fun to play Co-Op, and you can have teams of 6 players going through casinos, transport depots, theatres, etc.

    Delta Force 2.
    None of this cramped, toe to toe crap that we have with CoD and Battlefield. If you wanted to be a sniper at 700m, then off you could trot, it allowed free play experience.

    Last edited 01/07/15 2:59 pm

      I've made shots in Battlefield from around 1.4km. What cramped, toe to toe action are you complaining about exactly?

    i would love to revive hacker-free GTA V online sessions. you know? like the good old days.

      I'd like a session involving players who have more teeth than brain cells:

      Random Douche "Fuck you, your(sic) a hacker!"
      Me: I'm in passive mode, you blew up my car after I got out".
      Random Douche "Now my shots go through you. Fucking cheat!"
      Me: "Oh FFS..."

      Every. Single. Night.

        ha ha ha. yup.
        i feel you bro.

    Space Marine???

    SPACE MARINE?!?!?!


    Wouldn't mind seeing Section 8 get revived since people praised it *After* it died off.

    Great idea! I wonder how many members are in Australia?

    As for games, I know this one won't be popular, but I really miss playing Homefront.

    Sure, the SP was meh, and the game did perhaps suffer from an overdose of hype-train marketing, but the multiplayer was absolutely fantastic. It was made by the guys who did BF2, and had some really interesting gameplay mechanics which made it a really awesome online shooter.

    Unreal 2004. So many memories.

    And probably Quake 2. The first multiplayer FPS I really got to play.

    Wolfenstein ET...Was such a joy to play. It totally needs some graphical updates but the gameplay was golden.

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