The Street Fighter V Beta Is Back Online If You're Incredibly Lucky

The Street Fighter V Beta Is Back Online If You're Incredibly Lucky

Back online briefly last night after launch problems brought it down, Capcom's beta test for Street Fighter V is up and running for lose lucky enough to get online past an assortment of numbered errors.

Capcom continues to struggle to handle the massive numbers of pre-order customers (and those with codes) who were guaranteed a spot in the incredibly early beta test for the latest Street Fighter game. Today's beta session launched at 2 PM Eastern time and the login servers were immediately slammed.

Error 21007 has been what I've been seeing up until recently this afternoon, which means the servers are at capacity. Around 3:20 PM I started getting 10003 — disconnected from game server, along with 22001 — unable to connect to update server. As of this writing, we're back to 21007.

But there is hope! I watched streamer KingRadinov play a couple of bouts live on Twitch before succumbing to the error wave, so people are getting in.

According to the official Capcom post for this session, server capacity is being increased as today's test continues, so there is still hope.

It's frustrating but remember — back before beta tests were glorified demos they were actually used to test things. We are testing things, and things are failing. Thanks to our tireless efforts this shouldn't happen when the game officially launches.


    For those in Asia and Europe, please take note that we're restricting the BETA test to NA for the time being as we test the stability of our servers. Once we are confident in the system, we will roll the BETA out to the other regions. All regions will get their fully promised BETA time, and there will be plenty more opportunities to play the game once it is in a better state. "

      They'd never bring any articles across to the AU site unless it were relevant to Australians so obviously the beta is now available to us. *Raises anti-Poe shields*

    This is a very bad sign for retail release. If they can't handle server loads during the beta, then they aren't going to have the ability to handle retail. This, combined with the removal of beta privileges for non-NA regions has made this game go from a day-one-must-buy to I might get it... someday... maybe.

      Or they are just.. I dunno.. stress testing a beta?

      But yeah, no no, this is totally reflective of the final product

        Blizzard has been running world of Warcraft for over 10 years. They stress test the servers close to launch every expansion... And without fail, they have had server crashes every single launch. If you don't see how Capcom is going the cheap route with their online services again, then you must be blind.

        Also, why send out beta invites internationally if you are just going to restrict the limitation when things don't work?

          Im guessing the real purpose of this beta was not just to test the online component, but to actually test how the game plays - hence why I am pretty sure they havent put more than a few moments of though into that element. Restricted it a small portion that works allows them to capture their hit/combo/exploit data

          This is NOT meant to a be a demo for the masses of impatient people who cant wait, its mean to refine the game before release - the game being a competitive one on one fighter, not an online strategy/shooter game

          Different games, different genres, different beta purpose. Maybe you're the blind one?

    Do Australian fans get to try out the beta?
    Because I was at EB games and asked them about pre-ordering SFV. So I can play the beta.
    They knew nothing about it.

    I am So annoyed!!!!!!!!!!! i'm playing the next best thing on my 3ds senran kagura Keep on getting killed raging That they couldn't just fucking release the game this year yet make a crappy beta that doesn't work at times And now we're gonna have to wait a month next year then 17 days & nights just so we can play the game my next feels like It has a circle that is hot and pushing more front to where my rayzom apple is yeah i don't know how to spell it) When i'm annoyed and angry raging UGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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