The Tokyo Olympic Stadium Makes For Good Photoshops

The Tokyo Olympic Stadium Makes for Good Photoshops

The price tag for 2020 Tokyo Olympic stadium is now a whopping $US2.1 billion. That's more than the stadiums for the past three summer Olympic stadiums combined. That's pretty silly! So is the stadium's new Photoshop meme.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the latest budget estimate is a 50 per cent increase from the last one. No wonder the stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is being heavily criticised for being so damn expensive.

The Tokyo Olympic Stadium Makes for Good Photoshops

Above is concept art for the upcoming stadium. Does it remind you of anything? Probably! Twitter users have been uploading Photoshops, showing just how goofy the stadium itself looks:

Picture: Moss3rd


    Some of those are hilariously awesome, but some are just trying too hard.

    My image.

      I think you win warlok. My favourite by far. Also can't believe no one else got close.

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