The Video Game Map To End All Video Game Maps

I have a weird fetish for video game maps. I love them. I love looking at them, marvelling at them, imagining the japes and adventures I'll be having.

But this map? It's different. This is a video game map that has every video game map INSIDE IT. If there was such a thing as a video game world? This would be the map.

It was painted by Edison Yan, who you might know as the artist behind Scribblenauts, and you can actually buy it at Iam8bit.

I love this. Seriously considering buying a print. The good news: 10% of all proceeds go to the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Foundation Scholarships. Pretty cool.


    Looks cool, but I see no snowy areas.

      That IS weird... EVERY game has an ice level!

        Whenever I picture metroid prime snowy area, I can hear the music. Phenandra drifts was it called?

        A lot of games had snow/ice levels. A lot of games lack snow/ice levels.

    Was looking for Chrono Trigger. Found Zeal. Stamp of approval.

    Donkey Kong Island is near Raccoon City - hmm, sounds like an area of the world I'd avoid

    Black Mesa, right next to Capital Wasteland and The Maelstrom. No surprise there :P

    Finally clicked on the thumbnail after seeing it over and over. Looks like a plate with leftover food on it.

    Now having looked at the large image, I can't comprehend how I saw it that way before...

    im glad theres someone else out there with a weird penchant for they video games or literary.....

    why would I buy when i can download the image file? O_o

    Oddworld is an entire world - and Rapture Farms is just a very small part of it. Check here

    As you can see - all Oddworld games take place on Mudos - which itself is dwarfed by the massive size of the planet. This is clearly not to scale - and I wonder if the artist has got the permission to use such a wide variety of locales.

    Seeing midgar on this made me wee myself a little.

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