There Are A Lot Of Indie Games Coming Out On Xbox One

In the beginning people were quite critical of Microsoft's strategy for indie games on the Xbox One. Now? There's been a real about turn. The [email protected] program is absolutely bustling with interesting video games and some of them are being made in Australia.

E3 2015 felt like a good representation of that shift in approach. Previously Microsoft gave indie games a nice little montage video if they were lucky. They did that again this year, but took a handful of interesting indie games and put them centre-stage during the conference. It was a refreshing change, and one that highlighted a few games among my most anticipated for the remainder of 2015.

Anyway, the point of this post: Major Nelson did a pretty cool thing today. To remind everyone about indie games on Xbox One, he created a list of all the upcoming games on the [email protected] service. There are a lot. You can find the list here along with trailers for all the games.

I've picked out a few I'm really excited about. Like...


This was shown at the conference, but it still looks great. It's also being made in New Zealand which is cool.

Bacon Man

I clicked on this because of bacon. I admit it. I only mildly regret it.

A cool game about pizza and bullying. Made in Australia by a development team made up of a mother, a father and their artist daughter.

No Time To Explain

I've had a soft spot for this ever since it was goddamn awesome flash game years ago.

So, a lot of stuff. You can check out the full list of games, alongside their trailers, here


    I backed Ninja Pizza Girl on Kickstarter and was pleased to see they hit their stretch goal for an Xbox one release. Hopefully I get a code for the XBO version (which was what I wanted) but there's been no word on that so I wasn't sure if that was still going ahead.

      According to the Kickstarter page, you can choose to receive an Xbox One or Wii U key, at the $23 level. I don't know about any other. Try posting on the backer forum.

      Hi, NPG dev here. Thanks for backing :D The console versions are definitely still happening. I'm sorry we can't give you a date yet, but as soon as we have codes we'll send them out.

    Meh, Bacon Man is all well and good, but its no 'The Baconing'.

    Damn, I was excited about Pantasmal, until I clicked the link and found out it was a typo... :(

    Xbox did a brilliant job at PAX Australia sending Chris Charla out to woo Aussie Indie Devs and steal some of that PlayStation Indie Thunder.

    If there's ever been a better example of the difference a good Executive makes to a company culture, it's Mattrick vs. Spencer (spoiler alert: Spencer wins, burns Mattrick's body then takes a piss on his ashes). The move from the 'We are the Champions' culture to 'What else can we do for you' is second-to-none, and bringing great Indies to life is part of that.

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