They Helped Make Destiny, Now They're Making A VR Game About Jumping Really High.

They worked on Destiny, now they are not working on Destiny. Now this group of talented ex-Bungie developers are Endeavor One, a studio dedicated to high-end VR games with great production values.

They are making a brand new game called Jump. Jump a game about jumping really high. In VR.

It sounds fascinating, you can watch the trailer here

Jump is being pitched as a puzzle game. Endeavor One's description: "The goal of the game is simple, get to the top of JUMP Tower in the fewest jumps."

So I'm thinking JUMP is a bit of a mixture between Mirror's Edge and um... Desert Golfing, which sounds absolutely brilliant to me. I'm excited to see how it all works and I won't have to wait too long. JUMP is apparently releasing on July 30 — tomorrow — but I can't find it on Steam. It's set to work with the Oculus and Samsung Gear VR. It could be a bit of a barf-fest considering the type of game it is — a massive super jumping simulator essentially — but it looks fantastic.

You can find out more about JUMP here


    Heh, thought of Mirror's Edge the moment I saw that screenshot. Video looks even more like it :P

    Wondering how it'll go with motion sickness, being first person with all that jumping around.

    Seems like Jumping Flash

    That visual style seems like it could run fast for Morpheous

      This is the exact thought process I had. I'd love to see Jumping Flash redone.

    Would be cool if they made it like the Matrix Jump scenes, with music and all :)

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