This 20 v 20 Match On Star Wars Battlefront Is Spectacular

We've seen a fair amount of Star Wars: Battlefront in the last month or so, and now it's out in the wild, we're likely to see a lot more.

But it's still fun to watch!

This footage, captured by IGN, shows off a 20 v 20 match taking place on Hoth. It gives us a really good idea of how this is all going to work in real life. It looks and plays like a regular shooter, but it's the differences that make it interesting to me: the way the weapons fire, the sounds, that kind of stuff.

Regardless — this is great to watch. Really looking forward to this now.


    I think it's super lame how they bring in all the young attractive females for these vids.

      I only saw gamers..

        Then you haven't been too many lans. And you don't know many gamers. But kudos for your inclusiveness.

          In WA I've seen quite a few I guess "hot" girl gamers over the 10 years that I console gamed with waxlan.....i was one of the older gamers and they were a bit young so wasn't really interested in checking them out if you know what I mean....anyway they had a lot of female gamers. I think we had some gamers from the girl only halo clan "PMS" as well that used to kick everyone's buts too :D

      young attractive females can't be gamers?

        Never met one

          I have, quite a few attractive women

            Female gamers have enough trouble as it is Barry, why you now judging them on their appearance? The way someone looks has nothing to do with how badly they will beat you in a game.

        Way to miss the point... either that or you are trying to troll. The point he is try to make is that this is aimed at a certain demographic and has the subtlety of a brick the way it goes about it. The only person to mention females can't be gamers is you.

      There were females? I was too busy swooning over Zach Levi...

      Um guys, this is Naomi Kyle from IGN. She's just a journalist that appeals to teenage males that visit IGN, an she's good at her job. She doesn't represent the female gaming population at all.

      Dunno why this is being downvoted. This is clearly sleezy PR practice by EA (OR IGN)
      Whatever white knights, white knight the obvious cause like a bunch of children and not the real one being perpetrated by EA (OR IGN).

      Last edited 13/09/15 1:43 pm

    This looks pretty freaken awesome! I hope all versions get to have these big matches and not just pc.

    ...Wait, are they pronounced "AT AT" like that dude said? I've always A.T.A.T (like the individual letters).

      I've heard at at from fans before but I can't think of any official stuff where they haven't pronounced it A-T A-T.

        Could be a throwback to 'ack ack', the name given to anti-aircraft fire in the early 20th Century. Could also be humans just being humans, and going for the shorter, easier to say, pronunciation.

          Maybe. It just seems weird to me because they introduce them in the movies. I can't really imagine many people watching the movies, missing the parts where they call them AT-ATs and then loving Star Wars enough to read the books, allowing them to learn their name from text while choosing an incorrect pronunciation. It's like somehow calling an X-Wing a Cross-Wing. I could understand why someone would reach the conclusion if Star Wars was a book but as a movie it's right there.

      Yeah, what? I've never heard them called "'at' 'ats'".

      A.T. A.T. is pronounced as single letters; it's an acronym.
      Otherwise pronouncing A.T. S.T. just sounds dumb.
      If you need whole words just use 'imperial walker'.

        I prefer to say 'Atst' and 'Atat'. I also prefer to say 'Eye-cack' and 'Eight-O'.., after all, it follows in the proud 'ANZAC' tradition ;-)

        Seriously, people will sometimes just go with something that is shorter or easier to pronounce because of laziness or a belief that it 'sounds' better.

          FWIW I've heard George Lucas call them At-Ats

            I try to forget that the man exists. He should have left the original trilogy alone and now look what he's done!

    Footage looks great on the whole, Naomi didn't ask as many critical questions as I'd have liked, with regard to gameplay and mechanics, but no big deal. Gotta say though that I'm not a massive fan of the AMD advertising, watching this video might have convinced me to buy the game, but it's not convince me to get certain types of PC components. Mentioning it once or twice is enough, but after that it gets a little off-putting.

    Edit: We've also got people talking each over in the video due to bad editing, and an extra 20 mins of nothing at the end of the video. Also people complaining that special abilities cards aren't showing up and that "I really suck without a controller" - this is fair enough but his attitude towards the game given he was one of the first to play it wasn't particularly enjoyable to watch. I'm thinking this isn't quite going to be the normal audience for the game once it's released.

    Last edited 15/07/15 5:01 pm

      Here's hoping that with AMD support my R9-290X and FX-8370 won't shit the bed like they do in any game that isn't Battlefield 4 then. Seriously, are these two top-of-the-line components accepted to not run AC4 with everything high at more than 20~ FPS? Urgh, really wish I'd gone nVIDIA. Sorry, irrelevant!

      AMD vs Nvidia is like the PS4 vs Xbox One. Competition is good for gaming.

      Last edited 17/07/15 8:27 pm

    Jesus IGN would it kill you to edit your sound levels before putting the video up?

    To be fair, this looks identical to the alpha gameplay (and leaked footage). Still doesn't change the fact that it looks and plays great.

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