This Australian Burger Joint Named All Their Burgers After Video Games

So there's an Australian Burger joint, based out of Footscray in Melbourne, called 8-bit. Every single on of their burgers are named after video games.

Damn, now I really want a burger for lunch. [Picture from The Burger Adventure]

It's strange, because on the one hand I'm like, cool! Video games! On the other hand, I'm like, what really makes an 'Altered Beast' burger any different from any other non-video-game themed burger? It's just a slab of beef, with bacon, cheese and onions on it.

Man, that sounds good. I could really go for a burger with bacon, cheese and onions on it.

The point I'm trying to make here is this: the cynical part of me is pretty sure this is all marketing.

[Picture from Spoonfuls Of Wanderlust]

Also: I have a real problem with B-bit's BLATANT SEGA BIAS.

All of their burgers are named after SEGA games.

After Burner — Beef, Tomato, Red onion, Lettuce, Cheese, Chilli sauce, Jalapeños, Chipotle mayo

Golden Axe — Crispy fried chicken, Cheese, Sriracha mayo, Slaw.

Wonder Boy — Smoked Frank, Bacon, Grilled onions, BBQ sauce

Again, these sound super delicious, and I'm working up a serious appetite right now — but what makes a Wonder Boy hot dog a Wonder Boy hot dog? Who knows.

The positive thing: reviews have been super great. The burgers are apparently really delicious. 8-bit seems to be one of those premium burger places that are in fashion. The reality: the people behind the burger place probably just like video games and wanted to inject that passion into their workplace.

Has anyone ever gone? Can anyone attest to the tastiness of the food?


    Been there twice, they're good burgers but I had the same sentiments as you mark! Double dragon (two beef patties and bacon) made it sound really awesome but I didn't feel like it was a name that suited it. Plus they got cool art stands for your number order stick thingo...

      Double Dragon should be two patties and jalapenos

        Everyone knows that dragon meat tastes like bacon though. They're practically the same!

    8Bit is a suburb away from me.
    The place makes the most ridiculously delicious burgers. Been to many of the new burger joints around Melbourne, but this one takes the cake.

    Double Dragon with a side of chilli cheese fries...

    From first review
    and then patiently stalked fellow diners finishing for their prized stool at the counter.

    Medically savvy, stalking diners for their prized stool takes on a whole different meaning

      I must say, the non-seat related meaning was how I read it first...

      Sounds like they've been playing too much Ark: Survival

    Yes! This place is the best!

    The double dragon (2 beef patties) was my first choice when I went and it nearly broke me with its deliciousness.

    Golden Axe was my choice for the 2nd visit. Damn tasty.

    I haven't been brave enough to try the peanut butter milkshake yet!

    Scree and a few others have recommended it to me, and I always intend to stop by when I have to pick something up from the post office, but so far I haven't got around to it. The sun came out about an hour ago, if it stays out long enough for me to finish up here I might go grab a hotdog.

      Yes. It's actually incredibly delicious and very filling.
      When they first opened up they had those beads that you iron made into shapes of the Nintendo franchise. I asked for samus and the girl at the counter had no idea what I was talking about. I think I eventually showed her a picture.
      They updated from 8-bit to 16 bit and included sega characters as they had all been Nintendo previously. Now, it's just boring numbers. Boo.
      I like the regular 8-bit burger and dog.

        To be fair I can't remember ever actually learning Samus' name. Same with Mother Brain. I don't think I even knew how to read when I got Metroid but I know I knew it before Super Metroid. If I had of went with Master System instead of NES I probably would have just called her Princess Metroid and got confused every time the Smash announcer said the wrong name.

        I'm guessing the Nintendo/SEGA ones got stolen often enough that the switch to boring numbers makes sense.

          Nah, the girl admitted she'd never played a video game. The owner was the nerd.

    Will there be a burger with everything in it called the ULTRAAAAAAAAAAAAAA COMBOOOOOOOOOOOO, because that would sound epic

      the FATALITY! burger would be a pretty awesome name for that as well :)

    I was in Melb for the weekend and went here last Saturday, pretty amazing. I'm part of a burger group on Facebook and these guys get awesome write ups, so it's up there with Melbournes top burger joints as well as being an awesome gaming related place.

    I got a Double Dragon and my friend got an Afterburner, excellent stuff !!!

    Yeah, sure, tell the world about my local. It's not like they weren't busy enough. *grumble*.

    I really love this place. The game theme isn't too important, but it carries through to their table numbers being bead work of game characters, and having a classic arcade machine at the back.

    Their food is pretty great. Currently my favourite burger place. Reasonable prices, friendly staff, good food, always busy.

      Haha I was just about to say the line is long enough as it is during peak times and this won't help....

      The game theme really shines through with the eye holes on the packaging, it's genius:

      The little cardboard containers are also the perfect way to hold a burger without squishing it.

    I've been once, we had the 8 bit with cheese, golden axe, chilli cheese fries and the salted caramel shake and strawberry cheese cake shake. The chilli cheese fries were ok, the rest was freakin amazing! Prices are also very reasonable compared to other burger joints, especially when consider serving size to some of the more upmarket, more pricey burger joints. Highly recommended!! Just don't go there expecting to be in and out quickly, you'll likely have to wait in line, especially on the weekends.

    Get the double dragon with an extra chicken. Salted Caramel Shake is the bomb.

    great burger joint. Unfortunately it marks the first step towards the gentrification of footscray

    The video game theme here is a good initial draw but the burgers and shakes will keep you coming back.
    Almost any time I make it to 8-bit there is a line out the door, but it's well worth the wait.

    Urban Spoon... Sorry "Zomato" reviews have a lot of 5s and 4.5s. Anything lower is just someone upset because they didn't get "right this second" service. So it might be worth checking out

    ...If it wasn't in Footscray. Go grab a burger, get stabbed on the way back to the train station or your car.

      and its comments like this that paint a bleak picture of footscray.

    "Also: I have a real problem with B-bit’s BLATANT SEGA BIAS."

    Having grown up with SEGA and played loads of Wonderboy 2 & 3 and Golden Axe 2, a SEGA bias is fantastic.

      Someone needs to open up a rival place with Nintendo-themed burgers. Call it B64 or something.

        It should be on the other side of the road, directly opposite.

          Begun, the console wars have...

          Haven't played Nintendo in over fifteen years, but you never forget your colours. Strap up, lads. We got hedgehogs to squash.

        Then a Sony-themed one will open up, after which the Sega themed one will stop selling burgers and just start making fries for the other burger joints. But those fries won't be as good as they were back when they were making them to go with their own burgers, and over time they'll fade away into a sad shadow of their former glory.

        Or something.

        Would a Nintendo burger comes with magic mushrooms?

    Confirmed good burgers. Also confirmed regret after over eating.

    Girlfriend and I make the 50 minute drive to 8-bit every fortnight or so. Damn tasty burgers that haven't yet been beat in my mind!

    'Wonderboy' makes more sense when you realise that Victorians call cocktail frankfurts 'little boys'!

      .... do we?

        I occasionally call them 'little boys' Just make sure you use it in the right context...don't go saying 'I could go me some....' yeah, so just be careful haha

        I lived in Geelong for seven years but hey it could just my wife's family!!!

          You could be right. I'm kind of a johnny-come-lately Victorian, I spent a couple of years here as a kid then came back as an adult.

          I do know that the entire state seems determined to pronounce "castle" incorrectly.

            Confirming they do call them little boys and yep, they definitely say castle wrong. (its not a damn cassle)

            Source: I live on the border and have to tolerate vic crazy every day with the missus.

      I thought they called them fat-free footy franks! Best enjoyed with Tia Maria and the last dippity bix.

    I can't stand the joint!! Too many people sitting around talking about video games & anime and nothing else.

    and then there's this place as well. how I love living in melbourne

    Had this for the first time a couple of weeks ago... Freaking amazing! And the bacon and cheese fries? Sah good!

    Last edited 07/07/15 2:20 pm

    This place is 100 times better. They have Super Nintendo's and Sega Mega Drives to play there while you eat.
    Food sounds better too.

      Except it's in Adelaide?

        So you don't have to go to Footscray? Sounding better and better! :P

          Lol, I live in Bayside so trekking to Footscray is a major pain for me. Probably not going to be having game burgers.

    Can confirm, bloody delicious. Even without the gaming theme, these guys nail what they serve. Haven't enjoyed a burger that much in quite some time ^_^

    If I was a sega rep I would totally be hitting them up for royalties. Hipsters.

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