This Dragon Ball Z Art Is A Mirror To Your Childhood

Remember in the year 2000 when Dragon Ball Z was just about the most popular 'thing' in the known universe? You probably do. You were most likely one of the millions of people tuning in.

The other day Australian anime distributor Madman stumbled across an treasure trove of fan art sent their way in 2000-2001, at the peak of Dragon Ball Z's popularity. Honestly, it's like looking into weird time portal.

I just love these so much. As a kid I used to draw (terribly) and I'd draw the things I was obsessed with at the time — Asterix, Spiderman, stuff like that — and I see that impulse in every single one of these drawings. It's heart warming.

It's a reminder of what it was like to just be a simple, honest fan of something. At that age you don't really know why you like something, you just do. And you love it enough to spend all your spare time drawing pictures of your favourite characters.

There's something really gorgeous about this terrible art. I can't get enough of it.

You can check out more here


    I was 17 when I first saw Dragonball, I could draw a mean Vegeta.

    I've never watched or played or really know DragonBall, but my younger brother super did (he has a tattoo of the main guy on his thigh), and this reminds me of his art, and how I chuckled in memory of his wonky drawings.

    I can no longer whine about the UFC articles, because this has me on a trip down nostalgia lane :P

    The first drawing I ever did well was the scene when Gohan loses it and leaps into the air, just before smashing into Raditz. I was 14 *swooon*

    Also has anyone been following the new one? How has it been so far?

      There's only 3 episodes of it atm as it wasn't on last weekend. So far it's been rather silly which I love, nothing 'important' has really happened yet. I think the next episode is finally getting into the start of Battle of the Gods (the movie) though so it'll be interesting to see how much they change that.

    god I can remember doing this as a kid. never mailed anything in but I remember doing this. haha. so awesome.

    I feel really old now to think there were kids watching it at the same time as me. Then again, I feel pretty old remembering that there was a Cheez TV, and even older for remembering Aggro's Cartoon Connection and James Valentine as the presenter of afternoon ABC shows.

    Last edited 30/07/15 3:05 pm

      I always forget where Aggro was from, just remember him for something on TV as a kid lol.

      I do remember Cheez TV though and remember seeing pictures like these shown off all time that kids had sent in. I always wanted to send something in but was too scared because I can't draw for shit haha. I think my sister sent something in once but I don't remember it ever getting shown on tv.

      Edit: Childhood memories... :P

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    The dragonball series came out in the 80s..

    Best childhood show of any kid born in the 90's. Just saiyan'....

    Looks like some messages were redacted to protect national security...

    My pictures were mostly of He-Man. I guess every generation has their homo-erotic muscle man cartoon.

    I was in my 30s when I discovered the whole Dragon Ball thing. Now I'm 52 and looking for ward to English dub of Dragon Ball Super.

    sneaking in right on time
    only one thing on my mind
    open the door to another reality
    any place any where you wanna be
    Cheez TV (ba da da) Cheez TV

    Growing up during the 90s was the greatest with DBZ; Batman, X-Men & Spider-Man animated.

    Dragon Ball Z helped me so much as a kid improving my drawing skills, I've drawn so many versions of Goku, Gohan and Vegata as a kid that I've lost count! I owe them my deepest gratitude as an aspiring Graphic Designer.

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