This Guy Really, Really Hates ‘Pixels’

This Guy Really, Really Hates ‘Pixels’
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Being an ‘angry man’ on the internet is really played out, but sometimes anger is the correct response to something terrible. I haven’t seen Adam Sandler’s latest movie Pixels, but it seems like this MovieBob video review is a slice of pure righteous rage.

It’s a well-put, sustained rant concerning everything dreadful about Pixels, the movie that trades on video game nostalgia and looks flat-out dreadful.

Honestly, I was considering watching Pixels. I like terrible things. But maybe Pixels is just too terrible.

Via Polygon


  • I don’t care, I like the visuals in the movie, so want to see it on the big screen.
    If the script wrecks it, I’ll take my iPod in with 8bit soundtracks and just put the headphones in and turn it up, and treat it like a big video game music video.

    • I have no intention of seeing this movie, but I have to agree with you, the visuals look pretty good. It’s a shame Sandler has anything to with it, would of been great if the Always Sunny crew had made this.

      • I was thinking of watching Pixels, although normally I avoid anything with Sandler in it. (As in, if Sandler features prominently in the cast, I assume I won’t be interested in it.) I was slightly surprised at a mention Movie Bob made of past “good” Sandler movies, as I find it strange that such a beast exists. The trailer looks interesting, however, and Sandler’s role seemed to be an ensemble one, so I thought it might be watchable.

        However, now I think I’ll wait until it hits Netflix (or whatever).

  • Reading a few that are ok with it, some that totally abhor it and a lot that are in the middle ground. I’ve got an 11 year old who wants to see it and tickets near us are only 8.50. I’m ok with paying that. Not 16.50 per ticket though like at Event cinemas…

  • Bored with this video within 1 minute, angry within 2, and after the 10 I was convinced this guy probably loved this movie considering he spent 10 minutes talking about something he could have just said, it sucked, and then moved on with his life.

    • Considering he’s a movie reviewer, it’s probably not too surprising that some films he reviews are one’s he didn’t enjoy.

    • I don’t follow that logic at all.

      Have you never had a bad experience that you wanted to rant about? Would you like it if people’s reaction to that was “oh, it couldn’t’ve been that bad because he clearly cares enough to keep talking about it”?

      People can be passionate about their dislike of something and it’s definitely not a surprise that a film critic with a love of video games could passionately dislike Pixels.

      • Yep, me and my friends spent 3 hours ranting about how much we all hated The Councillor. God that movie really pissed me off

    • MovieBob clearly spent more effort thinking of different forms of excrement to describe this movie than anyone involved with Pixels did on the whole movie.

  • I like Movie Bob, tend to agree with him most of the time (not on musicals, but I have a weakness there, so it’s fine). Glad to see my initial impression of the movie is likely correct, and that I can blissfully ignore it henceforth.

    • Some of the animators and myself watched the trailer together when I was in Hamburg. We just kind of watched in silence, then all we could do beyond the shame we felt was slowly shake our heads and try to move on with our lives.

      • I don’t know where the ‘hate’ is coming from, it seems like everyone *wants* to hate this movie. @Sean why would you be ‘glad to see your initial impression is likely correct’, wouldn’t you be glad if your impression was wrong and the movie was fun? Why be glad that it is shit (if it even is?)

        I watched the trailer at SupaNova with a bunch of 3D animation guys from logic, and we thought it looked fun, and the effects looked good.
        It looked *stupid* but still looks like it could be enjoyable. Lighten up folks.

        • Right name, wrong tag. 😛

          And I like being correct. There’s a million and one good movies out there, that I can go and watch at any time with little difficulty, so the joy I feel at being correct far outweighs the disappointment I might feel that another Adam Sandler movie is a stinking pile of garbage.

        • That kind of film isnt everyone’s idea of fun though. I dont *want* to hate any film (that seems like a rather fruitless exercise to take part in), I’m just saying I watched the trailer and saw a type of movie I’ve seen plenty of before and dont care to ever see again. Many people will enjoy it I’m sure, doesnt mean we all have to.

        • @poita

          “I don’t know where the ‘hate’ is coming from, it seems like everyone *wants* to hate this movie.”

          Agreed. People don’t even bother to experience the things they criticise anymore!

  • I can’t watch these kinds of videos – or any where someone just angrily hates on something. Maybe I’m just too old and tired these days. That said, I think Pixels looks like terrible trash and such a rip off (of the Futurama episode especially).

  • I never had any intention of watching this movie. I knew from the moment it was announced that it would be appaling.
    For some reason, though, now I’m mildly interested. Need something to fill the void now I’ve given up cutting.

  • I don’t think I could sit through this movie… and I watched Sharknado and Sharknado 2 back to back.

  • The whole story was lifted from a 5 minute part of a futurama episode.

    But I do like that Peter dinklage is playing a tiny Billy Mitchell.

    • Every time I think of Billy Mitchell, it’s that scene where he’s pointing at his necktie and asking the interviewer, “What does this say to you? Three letters?” The guy goes, “Uhh… T-I-E?” and Billy’s like, “No, U-S-A, man!”

  • Wooooaaaah. That’s a lot of hate. He mostly backs it up, though. This movie looks like it deserves every execrable body fluid reference in the review, and then some.

    • I couldn’t sit through more than a minute of that rant to get to any of his arguments about the movie. So all I know now is that he hates it. But not why.

      Seriously, he spends so much energy dictating how bad the movie seems to him without actually saying why it’s bad. He sounds like an angry nerd upset about cultural appropriation, without really explaining why the movie is an example of when that phenomenon goes wrong.

      Just saying…

      • You didn’t watch to see his arguments about why the movie is bad and then complain that he didn’t make those arguments?

        • Touche sir.

          But what I mean is he could have led with his reasons, rather than his feelings. His anger was basically an extra barrier that seemed at best tangential to the actual basis for his argument, and at worst plain distracting.

        • Although I did actually watch the whole thing, I sort of agree with @sunskorpion on this. He spends a lot of timing hating on the movie before he starts to say WHY he hates the movie so much.

          If I want random torrents of vaguely directed hate, I have the Internet.

          A review’s purpose is not just to say that a thing is good or bad, but to say WHY it is good or bad, so you know where to apply filters to the expressed opinion. Movie Bob spends a disproportionate time on general insults before getting to the nitty-gritty of the movie’s actual faults.

          I can admire the artistry in a general blast of dislike, but it’s not a review unless it gives reasons.

  • Go and ask Movie bob about the amazing spiderman or the man of steel.. go on ill wait
    even better go and watch his review of both movies then watch every single review thats come after them

    but for the real meat go and watch his review of taken 1 and 2 but then watch his taken 3 review and guess what big thing was happening on the internet when he did the review

  • I’m not sure how people perceive films today. Fans seem more judgemental and almost see the “flaws” and “plot holes” they “find” (quotation marks used for the perspective of those with dubious literary knowledge) as a mark of their own high esteem/standards. Couple this with the immature level of certainty they have of their own knowledge and you have a series of people who are actively rejecting and dismissing so much relevant information that it’s almost impossible for any of their perspectives to be even remotely plausible. There’s a difference between expressing an opinion and expressing a level of factual certainty over the quality of something that isn’t based (again) on preference but a fictional and non-functional criteria informed by nothing, made up by them yet held to everyone else.

    A few people on this thread seem to be pasting reviews as factual information when they’re almost as generalised and misinformed as fans. It’s worth nothing if they’re just glossing over how they felt about the film without informing your knowledge of the film or films in general. Furthermore, do people really lack the confidence and dignity to be able to stand by their (hopefully) informed perspective or opinion without trying to find proof that someone else holds the same opinion?

    Literally, some of the things people say with a ridiculous level of certainty over films, games, tv etc… are as wrong as asserting the sky is made of lava because you really, really feel it is.

  • I wouldn’t bother with this guy. He has issue’s with The Green Inferno and tried to incite twitter to rage against Eli Roth

  • Moviebob is just a big baby, I stopped regularly watching his videos months ago because I didn’t have enough cheese to keep up with all the whine.

  • My 4 year old wants to see this movie because there’s a giant Pac Man! That’s probably who the movie is aimed it

    As a side note I’ve never watched a MovieBob review (Harry Plinkett has kind of ruined other movie reviews for me!) but im intrigued – will check out his stuff tonight!

  • Never been a fan of Movie Blob as I find him to be the Adam Sandler of “Angry YouTube Personalities” but for once he made perfect sense about what I’ve thought about this movie since the first trailer.

    I’ll usually feel bad about grabbing a torrent for a movie that results in me getting the bluray or at least seeing it in cinemas right after, but this is one I’ll proudly torrent in hopes it bombs and nothing like it ever gets made… Also it’s one of those movies that’s been delayed locally till the next school holiday period because “video games are for kids” in this culturally Stone Age country.

  • The best thing about this movie is how Adam Sandler doesn’t make you want to punch anything.

    Like, nothing at all, really hard or anything.

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