This Weekend's Steam Sale Is Really Good

Weekend sales on Steam aren't really the main event, more like the undercard, but this weekend? It's a humdinger.

Some seriously good games in there, like...

— Mark of the Ninja is 50% off at $7.49 — BioShock Infinite is 75% off at $9.99 — Outlast is 75% off at $4.99 — Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is 66% off at $23.09 — Shadow of Mordor is 50% off at $32.99

All prices are in US dollars obviously.

Actually Shadow of Mordor at $32.99 might be the best of the bunch. If you skipped that one on release it might be worth a bash. Great game, especially if you just got done with Batman: Arkham Knight and you're looking for something a little bit similar.


    Bioshock Infinite is considered a really good game?

    Yeah, come at me bro!


      It has at least $9.99 worth of gameplay :)

        $0.50 more to get all 3 Bioshock games!

        Very good value at $10.49 USD for these 3.

      Look it had its flaws and the story was a little bit of a mess but goddamn it's a bloody good game.

      Kaiser casts "Bait". Its super effective!

        Nah not yet. I haven't been downvoted into oblivion :P

      Yes, it is!

        Have your co-workers noticed your hipster glasses don't have any lenses? :P

          The game sold over four million copies, with a metacritic rating of 94... a popular, mainstream success by any definition. (Edit: Except Square Enix's.)

          I think you're confused as to what a hipster is... that, or in denial and projecting as part of your identity crisis.

          Last edited 31/07/15 11:08 am

            I thought we all agreed to ignore sales and metacritic numbers when criticising games. I'm disappointed in you Transientmind, tsk tsk.

            I know what a hipster is, I just like to bust their balls for the way they reacted to Infinite. Then when I point out a plothole they dismiss my claims with the reasoning of, "You just don't get it".

              My point was that the only people who didn't seem to like Infinite were the game hipsters complaining about why haven't we moved on from violence yet, etc, etc.

              The point of sales figures and reviews is the popularity which is anathema to the hipster.

              Last edited 31/07/15 11:17 am

                Huh, never seen that. That's rather interesting. Never saw it from that angle.

                But still, the "You didn't get it" crowd was rather annoying.

              But in an alternate universe the plothole doesn't exist and a tear between universes opened up that allowed the primary universe to resolve the plothole.

                What about the alternate universe that has a plothole that affects all other universes?

                  Oh, that was resolved by the other universe which resolved the plothole in the future in their universe then went back in time and applied to the root plothole universe. There may or may not have been trashcans involved.

                Who needs a plot when you can spend most of a game killing offensively patriotic white supremacists?

                I had fun with it personally, whereas I didn't even finish the first two games.

              Maybe you shouldn't generalise people into "crowds" whilst commenting on any game. It's possible you inferred something offensive with your offensive inferences and rhetorical questions... people generally don't appreciate people who begin conversations with any level of certainty or arrogance. Makes people feel like they're talking to a brick wall. From my perspective, as a media education professional - it irritates me when people bring up "plot holes" (or more accurately their incorrect perception of what a 'plot hole' even is as an arbitrary measure of quality) as a reference point with intense satisfaction when most creators are aware of these "plot holes" and were considered a non-factor since the focus of the narrative was elsewhere. People can't protect themselves from being held to an arbitrary standard by arbitrary people.

              "Then when I point out a plothole they dismiss my claims with the reasoning of, 'You just don't get it'."

              And you dismissed the inference that your level of certainty over your perspective was unfounded. Probably annoying to those people, too.

              Response: "Aw... come off it! I can excuse myself whilst holding other people to an imaginary standard!" Meh, would probably be less entertaining here if you didn't.

              Last edited 31/07/15 1:12 pm

      My main disappointment with BioShock was I spent the whole game waiting for Elizabeth be end up in a noose and I didn't get to save her! Otherwise I really enjoyed most of it. Not the bit with the spooky ghost though..

      Aside from the shooty bits, it was a good game. I found myself groaning when I could tell the set pieces were made for a shoot out.

      I can count the amount of games I've actually bothered to finish over the last 6-7 years on one hand.

      Bioshock: Infinite is one of them. And easily one of the best modern single-player FPS' available.

      I'd be interested to know which modern FPS games you think have been better. The Metro games were alright I suppose. Far Cry 3 was pretty - same as 4, but their story is atrocious. Borderlands 2 was monotonous as hell. Wolfenstein was quite good, although I got bored eventually.

      *edit* Eh, I'm a little late to this one I see. Not sure why I always find myself defending this game. I just really liked it ^__^

      Last edited 03/08/15 2:04 pm

        Depends on what you mean by modern and what you valuing them on.

    Another awesome deal is both Metro Redux games for $9.99 USD:

    Highly recommend these.

      Note if you have Live and a 360, both Metro games are free next month.

    Shadow of Mordor "on sale" for $32USD??? I got the CD key for about $13AUD a while ago.

      Oh! Where from?!

        Check out ozgameshop and G2A. They are both pretty cheap and not dodgy. Have used both quite a few times. CD keys are legit and G2A are really quick.

    You can still save a little on Shadow of Mordor by buying it from ozgameshop. It's $AU20 for the base game.

    The GOTY upgrade on Steam is only $US10, so you can grab that later if you want more content. Personally, I rarely bother with DLC.

    $33USD is not a good deal. for Shadow of Modor. Its regularly bellow $10 on other sites. Hell, I paid $20 for it within a month of its release.
    It was a good game

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    Failed to mention the point of this sale - it's a SteamOS sale. Yes you can buy them for any platform at these prices - but it's supposed to highlight the awesome games that have already been release for SteamOS/Linux

    and there's only more to come in the next few months!

    Yeh got an email about a game on my wishlist going on sale and then I open the email and there are 3 games in there.. so definitely a good sale for me.

    Shadow of Mordor has been continuously in promotion throughout the year. 50% off is actually a bit expensive compared with what I've seen. I almost picked it up when it was going for $23 but I decided to wait until it goes under $20.

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