Today, There Was A Rainbow Over Nintendo's Kyoto Headquarters

Today, There Was a Rainbow Over Nintendo's Kyoto Headquarters

The weather was partly cloudy today in Kyoto. But through the clouds, a rainbow was apparently spotted in the sky over Nintendo's headquarters.

Today, There Was a Rainbow Over Nintendo's Kyoto Headquarters

[Photo: bakatetu2]

This photo, snapped by Twitter user Bakatetu2, was taken from Jujo Station in Kyoto.

Top photo: kaorin1211

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    Isn't it obvious? Iwata was saying goodbye and enjoy videogames.

    Just good olde Iwata-san riding his Kart on his final lap on Rainbow Road! ^^

      Holy shit this one got me.

      Goddammit right in the feels.

    Well why don't you rip my heart out of my chest and smash it repeatedly against a block of salt.

    The Codename Nintendo NX console should be named Iwata Rainbow and eventually come in a limited edition Rainbow colour <3

    Last edited 14/07/15 8:24 am

    Oh man, I remember going there a few years ago for work, and getting more nervous as I approached the building.
    We met Iwata-san and he was just the loveliest man, it was one of the highlights of my career. I'd missed the news over the weekend and am still reeling from it.

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