Tony Hawk 5 Is Looking Kinda Rough

Tony Hawk 5 Is Looking Kinda Rough

The first gameplay trailer for Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 has arrived, and it's a good thing fun and pretty aren't mutually exclusive.

I'm looking forward to a new Tony Hawk title that doesn't require a horrid plastic skateboard to play and returns to the classic level-based goals of the earlier Pro Skater games. Give me that original gameplay, new places to ride and some excellent music and I'm completely down.

That said, I wouldn't mind a few visual upgrades. Clothes that whip in the wind without the shabby pre-rendered wrinkles, for example. Or long hair on riders that reacts as if it were actual hair instead of a hard plastic wig.

Flipping through the YouTube comments for the trailer, it's plain to see that no one should ever flip through the YouTube comments for a game trailer. Also, many people would prefer another Skate.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 releases September 29 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and sometime later for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


    Comments on the youtube vid have been disabled..
    Too much hate?

    Youtube comments and news site comments. All full of idiots.



        More like

        I can't read the comments, they make me rage at the stupidity.

    I have better looking games on my phone... This is a pretty shonky effort, if they're looking to revive the series

      i was thinking exactly this.

        Agree... I think the main problem is the lifeless animations, they look so clunky almost like an action figure is doing them.

      Agree, I am much more excited about this rumour with a spec of hope in it.

    The game looks like it has been made for 360/ps3 and going to be upscaled. Could this be a digital release only?

      It would be weird if that was the case.

      One thing I've read is that the PS3/360 versions will not include the online mode. I wonder if it was literally impossible for the developer to recreate this mode with past generation consoles, or if they've just removed it to make a purchase of the game on latest generation systems more appealing.

      Hard to believe, but right now this is listed as a physical release on the EB Games website:

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    The graphics don't look the best but that might be because it's also going to be released on ps3 xbox360 as well, it looked very Tony Hawkish to me and reminded me of TH1-3 so no complaints from me.

    Graphics AND physics look wonky... check out that jump at 0:30. I know TH has never taken itself seriously and it's more about cool than real, but you still need some measure of believable physics to make those crazy airs feel great.

    It's interesting they released this because it feels like they were showing off their "tech" as a tech demo, but you'd think that by now, showing off the tech of skateboarding would not be necessary for this series. These trailers should be about showing the NEW features, the NEW parks, the NEW stuff.. not all the same stuff we've seen a million times from this series.

    THANKS A LOT PS3 and 360.

      Hey don't look at us, we're all happily still playing Skate 3.

    Never taking another look at this game again.


    I've been listening to the soundtrack from THPS2 on spotify over the past month and I just bought THPSHD on PS3 to relive some of those feels. The graphics from this trailer don't look much of a step up from THPSHD which is a huge shame. The music on the trailer was equally as disappointing. I think I'll play THPSHD to death before I think about looking at 5.

    Not interested.
    Was over Tony Hawk by the time Underground rolled around (HA!) and the shit they ground out (HA!) since then hasn't changed my mind.

    THPS games have always looked behind the times IMO, so no biggie for me. The only things I care about is that they keep the same 'feel' as other THPS games, and that they nail the soundtrack, which have always been amazing, esp THPS2

    This trailer, like most games trailers these days, gives no idea of what the game will be like. Trailers are a waste of time these days.

    Oh, I used to love Tony Hawk games Pro skater 1, 2 and 3 were sensational...... since then they lack the same "funability"

    As dated as it looks, i'm still kind of still hopeful it might turn out ok. Love the games back in the day, so am hoping that it will still be enjoyable, even if it does look like crap lol

    Rules of being a gaming noob #34: If it doesn't have the lastest graphics, it must be garbage! Who cares about something as trivial as quality gameplay?

    Oh look, Mike Fahey hating on something. Today must be one of those ones that end in a Y.

    Needs more grime, grunge & graffiti.
    Also some cloth, hair & foliage.
    Another 12 months?

    I don't want to hate but it does resemble a low budget title, hard to get excited about.

    Definitely agree a new skate game would be a brilliant move by ea.

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