Tough Final Fantasy Achievement Made Easier With Robots

Tough Final Fantasy Achievement Made Easier With Robots

There's a challenge in Final Fantasy X (and an achievenemt in FFXHD) that tests the player's ability to dodge lightning. It's really hard for humans, but luckily, humans can build robots to help.

Taking place in an area called the Thunder Plains, the challenge is called Lightning Dodge, and gives players a split-second warning to hit "X" and jump out of the way before lightning strikes them. If you can do it a few times a chest will appear giving you some swag, but if you can do it 200 times, you get a powerful item (and the achievement in the remaster).

It's really hard! Like other tests of both endurance and timing, the biggest obstacle isn't necessarily the lighting itself, but the pressure players feel as their tally gets higher and higher.

To get around this, last year Jeff Hauser built this little machine to help him out. It was crude, but effective.

This week, Chris Wong made an improved model for the Vita version, and built it out of LEGO.

Before you say this is "lazy", those robots didn't build themselves.

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    If you think that's a brutal Final Fantasy achievement, you should check out Final Fantasy XI. There's an achievement for reaching level 75 with every class.

      I agree but at the same time for hardcore MMO players having a max lvl character for every class is pretty common. That being said I don't know how hard it is to lvl a character in Final Fantasy XI

        FF11 was a definite achievemt, I was hard pressed to deal with valkrum dunes on 2 classes, let alone all of them. There's a ton of grinding involved in leveling classes in FF11, Korean MMO level grinding.

          Fair enough then. Thanks for putting it into perspective.

          Korean level grinding is on another plane of existence.

          Oh the dunes....How i hated you. Parties would be bunched up in a little nook killing crabs...

        I played FF11 for 3 years, and ended up with a Lv.75 Samurai. That took a looooong, long time. In comparison, hitting max-level in FF14 is a walk in the park!

    The problem to this one is that the lightning bolts hit unpredictably but there's one spot where the lightning strike hits every time you step over it. Sure, you can still mess up the timing and screw up, but it makes this one 10x easier.

    Scripts and macros in other games don't write themselves either, its not lazy but it is cheating. I saw an awesome setup several years ago where a guy linked a camera and Xbox controller for the Bejewelled 2 Endless achievement. That was pretty remarkable too.

    I remember doing that manually on PS2 in order to get one of the ultimate weapons. Took me about 3 or 4 tries before I got the hang of it and then a couple of hours of persistent concentration.

      Same. Did it manually. Like a sucker!

    I remember doing this on PS2 with this game. Took me a while, but it was actually not too bad once you got the hang of it.

    The key is that before the lightning actually strikes, there is a white flash. You need to time your tap the instant you see the flash.

    Now to build a robot that gets you past the chocobo minigame!

    I did this in less than 2 hours. Mysterious Figure from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, that took me 3 weeks to beat once!

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