Tremor Rocks Mortal Kombat X On June 21

Tremor Rocks Mortal Kombat X On June 21

Having appeared in two previous Mortal Kombat games in non or barely playable form, the artist formerly known as The Tan Ninja makes his fully playable debut this week in Mortal Kombat X.

There's a slim chance you remember Tremor from his appearance as an enemy in the Jax-powered action game Mortal Kombat: Special Forces. There's an equally slim chance you know him from his playable missions in the Vita version of 2011's Mortal Kombat. Even if you are familiar with him he sure has changed a lot, as evidenced by his official trailer, which aired earlier today during the Mortal Kombat X tournament stream from EVO 2015.

Tremor, along with the Klassic Skins Pack 2, is the final component of the $US29.99 Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack, which means folks who purchased the DLC bundle will get access to him on July 21, while everybody else can purchase him for $US4.99 on July 28 (or in a $US7.99 bundle with the skins).


    Neat, they finally fixed the problem with the previous DLC characters where they didn't have the other voice actors and couldn't get them to record lines for interacting with the new characters, aside from generic greetings.

      I can't remember the first two characters, but there are definitely lines specifically for Predator. Shinnock refers to him by name, and Raiden (I think) said he didn't belong (although I guess that line could have been recycled).

        My guess is either the voice actor for Shinnock was still around, or they got the rights for Predator just before he left and got a quick line reading. Everybody else has a rather generic DLC character line for everybody.

          I think someone might have referred to Tanya by name as well (Liu Kang?).

          Most of the dialogue that was there in the first place wasn't that interesting anyway. Also, actors cost money, and a lot of people already think the extra characters cost too much.

      I'm pretty sure Tanya did not have 'generic' introductions. It was just Jason who had the 'generic' greetings -- reason for that is probably due to the fact that the kast have nothing relevant to say to him other than "This isn't good" or something of that nature.

    So...this game will one day be released (re-released?) as Mortal Kombat X - Komplete Edition?
    Also, I know this is an old rant...but I wish this game was developed for PS Vita as well :(

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    I wonder if Sony will charge me 11.95 for Tremor AGAIN like they did with Tanya, despite having bought the season pass when mkx came out... that was a fucking nightmare to get resolved...

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    After finishing the storymode, I sort of gave up on this game, the online was annoying with people who spammed moves, I did enjoy the towers and invasions. Maybe down the track as the Komplete Kollection. Whats the chances of more characters being added outside of the Season Pass

      There's rumours of a second season pass containing Baraka, Rain, Frost and guest character Spawn.

      If you're having problem with online then learn defenses. Range spam can easily be ducked. If people only know how to spam then they're easy to rush down. Rush them down, beat them up, when they're knocked down then either block, block low or neutral jump into another combo. If they're just spamming then they might have learned how to do wake up attacks. Depending on the move you can bounce the character and punish them.

    I stopped playing when I realized how unbalanced the dlc characters were

    Am I the only one who noticed that the title states it's June, not July as it should be?

    Can't wait for this character though, it's going to (hopefully) be amazing.

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      I'm surprised it took so long for someone to comment on it lol

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