Very Cool Box Art. Maybe The Coolest.

Very Cool Box Art. Maybe The Coolest.

I am an aficionado of fine box art, it is known. And this is an ever-growing collection of damn fine box art.

Cool Box Art is a Twitter account run by @TheSonicMole and @87th, which collects the finest examples of packaging art (and posters) in video game history and dumps them back onto the internet a few times a day.

The key to the quality of the collection is the scope: there are old computer games and European versions of covers, along with a heavy dose of Japanese box art, which is only fitting because Japanese box art is usually the best.

Some highlights are below, but you can check out their full listings here.


    "Damn you Nightshade!"
    *shakes fist*

    I like these ones too

      Yea hotline was great, had so much flair and style, really loved that game.

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    These are really good, but aren't really to my taste to be honest, I'm a massive fan of limited colour schemes and font use so these examples would represent the sort of thing I like in my box art.
    There's something to be said for the simplicity of this cover; kinda like Valve just thought "We'll let the game sell itself through reputation, not cover art." That said I think the version with Freeman on the front is really bad, so there's that. Also font choice and the creation of an incredibly iconic logo.
    Limited colour palette, visual reference to the original Alien posters and trailer and overall solid use of font and visual spacing.
    Loses some points for the use of the statue of liberty twice and the font, but over all excellent.
    Valve nail the artwork for the first entry into the Portal franchise as well, again with an instantly recognisable logo.
    Excellent use of colour (although far better in the actual game, no small feat), font and logo. Loses a few points for the hero shot, gains a few for the unusual pose and expression and for not being a brown haired white man.
    The font! The colour use! The raw noir vibe of the artstyle! Pretty much perfect.
    Awesome font. I wish they were brave enough to have the front soldier in silhouette as well, but otherwise about as good as they come. Kudos for not having the protagonist on the front as well.
    A masterclass in making a muted colour palette look amazing. Not the biggest fan of the font, but despite that an incredibly solid piece.
    Best font in my eyes, great spacing and balance, nice muted colour palette. Not sure if it counts as a cover in the conventional sense, but it fits the game perfectly.

    Just a few of my favourites^

    I have that Boku No Natsuyasumi game for PS2 but I still haven't gotten around to playing it yet. As far as summer vacation in the countryside simulators go I hear it's one of the best.

    Nah this isn't even close to the best box art, the old Atari stuff is amazing.

    Look how cool they made a calculator seem:

    and the defense of the planet:

    Even lowly Space Invaders looks awesome:
    Just look at the detail in that thing!

    And the stress of running a Nuclear Power Plant.

    And of course the weird ones:

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