Video Of New Hitman Game Leaks

Video Of New Hitman Game Leaks

We haven't seen much of the new Hitman game, which is having a kinda weird digital launch. Until something more official turns up, then, here's a bunch of footage from a very rough version of the game.

The footage's label says it's from an "alpha" build, in case you couldn't work that out from the hilarious disclaimers plastered directly onto the middle of the screen.

It appears to have been uploaded anonymously to the site (via justjim89 @ NeoGAF ) and there's quite a bit of stuff to check out, from briefings to extensive gameplay sessions. All nine videos are from the same mission, in which you need to infiltrate a party and assassinate a pair of very designers. It's hard taking too much away from such unfinished code, but the little helping touches like specific information on costume access (Diana narrates info to you for both the waiter and Sheikh) is cool. As is that slick helicopter exit!

I hope the GIANT TEXT WARNINGS THAT YOU'RE TRESPASSING AND HAVE BEEN EXPOSED are part of the actual game design, and not just placeholder assets. Ditto the slick briefing sections.


    Youtube Alternative...

      Thank you for putting these up! You made my day :)

    It looks like Blood Money crossed with the best (few) elements of Absolution, and it looks amazing.

    I'm excited for this! I love the hitman series, even enjoyed absolution - but agree it definitely wasn't the best.

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