Watch Dogs Finally Gets The Honest Game Trailers Treatment

If any game needs an honest trailer right now, it's Arkham Knight, but as the folks who produce these videos admit, the game "still doesn't work", so Ubisoft's Watch Dogs will have to do. Not that there's a shortage of, uh, shortcomings to choose from here.

The clip tackles the ambitious, yet sometimes conflicting elements of the game, such as its hacking mechanics and propensity for exploding steam pipes, as well as commenting on the general state of actual in-game graphics not matching up with their E3 demos.

Then there's the whole revenge thing, which you get in plenty of games, yet no one wonders how the mostly average Joe hero lives with himself after slaughtering civilians, cops and whoever else happens to get in the way of their quest for payback.

Oh and of course, there's a uPlay joke, but we can all agree that's entirely warranted.

WATCH DOGS (Honest Game Trailers) [YouTube]


    I just picked this up for $16 at EB, don't want to watch this video as I'd forgotten all the hype around this :)

      It's not a bad game it's just not a great one.
      It has some cool ideas, but the execution is a little of...

        I recently went back to it after picking it up at launch, playing for an hour, then forgetting about it. There are some moments where it almost gets really good, then flops again by throwing you into a tedious car chase or gunfight. At the moment I have a glitch so after replaying the same mission 3 times last night only to be unable to finish it I found out it might fix if I quit the game and go back in... so I've taken a short break because I didn't feel like playing the same mission for a 4th time to *maybe* fix the glitch.

        But yeah, it's not bad. Just not quite the game Ubisoft promised.

        Yeah. The hacking stuff is stupid on paper and super easy to make fun of, but as a gameplay mechanic it was actually pretty good. The only thing that let it down was that the content didn't really take advantage of it. I quit on non-lethal take downs pretty early because even the games stealth sections assume you're just going to shoot everyone. It really clashes with the plot. The guy you play as and the guy in the cut-scenes are totally different people.

    Underdeveloped is the word I would use for the game. Controls, missions, story & mechanics needed to be polished, some even needing to be totally scrapped /redone. Garnished with Ubi's stamp, let's add 10000 collectibles/POI's because that constitutes as actual gameplay.

    The last ubi games I actually played and enjoyed was farcry 3 and Blood dragon. Watch dogs being the last game I purchased. It will take a modern miracle for me to buy from them again or more sensibly a total overhaul of their values and how they conduct themselves proving they actually care about the consumer, by putting product quality ahead of profit/sales or at the very least be completely honest and transparent in the lead up to games/releases.

    Rockstar Games delaying GTA over and over again is an extreme example of this. They offered refund to preorders, and refused to release until the game was in a state ready for release, which proved to be one of the best releases on PC for years, they did not budge and refused to release a comprised game to PC proving they had learnt from GTA 4.

    Last edited 06/07/15 12:15 pm

    Assassin's Creed 1 felt like a tech demo but the sequels got better and better until AC3. Rockstar learnt from GTA 4s launch? They launched GTA 5 without multiplayer and when they did release that it was a total mess for months.

    A very mediocre game. I spent more time in the dark world mini game than I ever did in the game proper. The over hype killed it dead like a lot of games this gen, in fact it seems to be the calling card of this gen - the less hype the better something is and vice versa. Still think games like Wolfenstein and Dying Light are the best games out so far and they had zero hype before they came out and looked and played exactly as the previews. Games companies should take note.

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