Watch John Carmack Talk About Virtual Reality. For Two Hours.

Man, I love John Carmack. And I love virtual reality. But I don't know if I have two hours to watch John Carmack talk about virtual reality. Your mileage may vary.

I stumbled across this on NeoGAF. It's a two hour talk Carmack did at UT Dallas. Just in case you weren't aware — John Carmack has been working at Oculus for quite some time now and, as you might expect, is a big proponent of VR.

Also: John Carmack is such a great speaker and VR is a fascinating topic. Maybe this is worth listening to after all.

Here's what I suggest, and this is what I'm probably going to do: keep this running in a tab and listen to it like a podcast. Drift in when it gets interesting, drift out when it gets a little too tech heavy for my tastes.

Either way, this is sure to be an interesting watch/listen.


    - also not an interesting watch - unless you like staring at a bloke thats chairbound for 2 hours

    Doesn't appear to be any reason to watch it - there are no slides or diagrams - so grabbing the audio alone to podcast later seems the best approach.

    I see there are a few similar lectures on YouTube, so that's my listening sorted for the rest of the week. :)

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