These People Are Really, Really Good At Splatoon

Splatoon is my new thing. Super short games, super rewarding, surprisingly deep. It kinda corrects all the things I dislike about playing shooters online. But the other day I openly asked myself: where are all the videos of people doing insane things in Splatoon? Where are the MONTAGES?

So I went looking for them. Here’s what I found.

To be honest? I didn’t find too much. Probably because Splatoon is on the Wii U and it’s pretty difficult to upload gaming footage on the Wii U without the proper equipment. Still, I managed to dig out some interesting stuff. Here is a lot of footage of people being really good at Splatoon.

I really want to be home playing Splatoon right now.

This is just some generally slick shit. That horrible music tho…

This player is next level tricky when it comes to those mine-paint things. I hate these things.

Controversial opinion: the paint rollers are the noob cannons of the Splatoon universe. Nothing makes me happier than slaying these chumps. That said, this montage is set to ‘Rollin” y Limp Bizkit and that’s just too hilarious to ignore.

This video has the most obnoxious music ever. But this guy is good.

This is probably the closest I’ve seen to the traditional Call of Duty MLG 420 No Scope style montage. It’s kinda funny. BUT GODDAMN ROLLER NOOBS.

Have I missed any good ones? Drop them in the comments below.

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