Watch People Do Unbelievable Things With Tetris

You may have heard of the Summer Games Done Quick livestream -- it's an annual charity even to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. It also plays host to some of the most insane gaming moments I have ever seen. Last year one of the highlights was the Tetris section. Players were doing things with Tetris that I literally couldn't believe.

Well, the guys are about to livestream Tetris. Consider this a public service announcement.

Watch live video from GamesDoneQuick on

We've embedded the livestream above. Honestly, you have to watch this.

It. Will. Be. Insane.

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    TGM2 Death Mode was amazing and that was just the warm up.

    I can barely play single player at normal speed, how can these guys play doubles by themselves? :D good stuff


    How.. Just HOW are they even doing this?!

    Pfft, EVO, MLG and e-sports got nothing on these guys!

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