Welp, That’s It For Besiege

Welp, That’s It For Besiege

Here lies Besiege. It was massacred by a giant elephant robot monster.

Yes, people are still making stuff in Besiege — stuff more elaborate and terrifying than anything they were making back when everybody was paying attention.

This elephant is goddamn absurd. Between layers upon layers of armour and so many methods of attack that I lost count, it seems equipped for just about anything Besiege can throw at it. So that’s it, then: game over.

You can grab your own Mammoth MK5 on Besiege‘s Steam Workshop. Good job, Neph. You’ve made a fucking monster. Even its ankles kill everything.

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  • I see video’s like this, get pumped… Great I am going to build something that cool. load the game up then spend an hour starring at my creation made up of 2 blocks and four wheels, then remember sand boxes require imagination of which I have about the same level as a walnut.

    • Yeah, games like Besiege & Medieval Engineers remind me why I gave up any hope of being an engineer way back in high school.

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