What Are You Playing This Weekend?

July is usually the lightest month on the gaming calendar — therefore it's the perfect chance to play catch up on games you may have otherwise ignored. Me? I'm playing three games this weekend: Batman: Arkham Knight, Splatoon and Her Story.

Her Story is a game I thoroughly recommend. It's weird, smart, disturbing and unique. To discuss it is to spoil it, so I'll just leave it there. It's fairly cheap on Steam so you should pick it up.

Splatoon is my current 'play whilst son is awake' game, so that usually gets them most time on weekends. Good job it's totally fantastic. Can't get enough of it.

Batman: Arkham Knight I'm still enjoying. I don't know how much time I'll get to spend with this one, but hopefully I'll get a decent amount of hours in. I'm determined to finish this one off.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Kids away this weekend so:
    Lots of Witcher 3 (fooling around in Novigrad, yay!)
    Burning around Driveclub in a new GT-R and 370Z
    Drunken Singstar with some mates on Sunday while we pig out on junk food

    Bats. Only about 30% completion so hope to get some decent time in with that.

    I'm out most of tomorrow so I'll prob use that time to download AC: Black Flag for free on Games with Gold.

    How do you have time to play three games Mark? I'm flat out getting maybe 2 different games into my weekend.

    I think I'll have time to play Life is Strange this weekend, playing Telltales G.O.T has ignited a desire to play choice based games again.

    Kids around so options limited but I'm hoping to dig into the new Yoshi game on the WiiU.

      It's really good. I had a co op session last Saturday with a mate and we had lots of fun

    Black Flag is on Games for Gold this month so I think I might actually power through the fact I haven't played any of the Assassin's Creed games since the first and give it a shot.

      My XBOX Preview Program invite just arrived, so I might end up playing Mass Effect instead.

    Anna's quest!


    Yoshi's woolly world!

    Exclamation mark!

    I'll be going between collecting Riddler trophies and Yoshi's Woolly World.
    Maybe a bit of Marvel Heroes 2015.

    Going to try and finish up Arkham Knight, I'm at around 85% completion.

    And spend some time in the World of Warships OPEN beta, yes its officially gone to open.

    Anna's Quest
    Gonna try out Her Story at some point too.

    I'll be playing Gungrave: Overdose and Chrono Trigger mainly. There will probably be some GGXrd Sign or USF IV as well.

      How's GGXrd Sign? I've been considering a purchase but I'm not sure if there's much of an online community in Aus.

    SPLATFEST! SPLATFEST! SPLATFEST! If you voted for pop I will destroy you!


    Likely the usual. Mixture of FFXIV, Payday 2 and Breaking Point.

    I finished Her Story - at least, enough of it to work out what's going on (I think). It's a great game, but chasing up all the remaining video snippets is a pain. Protip: Note dates and locations of the videos you find.

    Been replaying Okami HD lately, was excited about trying it with the PS Move but it just doesn't work that well, especially since there's no camera control. :(

    Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (Help me!)


    Splatoon! New mode and Splat Fest? Yes please.

    Finally finished unpacking boxes containing my consoles into the new house, Before the move i was playing far cry 4, thoroughly enjoying the game. Just bought Just bought bloodborne and still have the witcher 3 sitting on my desk, only played a few hours. It's a brilliant game though i can't seem to get back into it as much as i really want to play it, i keep thinking about the endless hours I'll have to spend doing quests, side quests collecting materials etc.

    I thought you were going to jump back on Bloodborne Mark :P

    More ESO for me and possibly Fallout 3. Also FF VII now that I finally have a PSOne emulator on my phone. I just need the Dual Shock 4 mount for my Xperia Z3 to make it more practical

      I haven't jumped online for quite awhile. How's ESO these days?

        I'm enjoying it (on PS4, I could never get into it on PC). Plenty to do and people to see etc. I can't really say how much it's changed from the PC launch, but the combat feels more crunchy which is good

    Just upgraded to the Gtx 980tis! So I'll be working my way through Witcher 3 in glorious 4K! Also a bit of fallout new Vegas just to tide me over until fallout 4.

    Pillars of Eternity. 29 hours in and seems like I've barely made it anywhere in the story yet.

    Batman, Witcher 3 and some Destiny. Maybe some hearthstone - enjoying it on my tablet, but I'm increasingly aware of the cards I lack. Might have to start playing multiplayer...

    Probably Dark Souls 2.
    Been plugging away, already seems too long compared to 1 & I've only collected 2 of those big souls.

    It seems so nebulous when I compare it to 1, 1 is so tight.

    I have Bloodborne going as well & there's something about the huge amount of detail in the background that puts me off, like there's too much going on & my eyes can't focus, so I see a blur. I seem to miss a lot more stuff than I have in DS1&2.

    It's GOOD, they both are, just in the shadow of DS1 they seem inferior.

      I agree about the detail thing entirely. Some of the later levels have lumps and bumps and shrubbery and I was actually get eye strain headaches from trying to work out where the enemies and the paths were. Also so so dark.

        I always completely ignore whatever setting they claim lighting should be on in all games.
        I may be missing out on the creepiness of pitch black areas, but I have lame enough eyesight as it is.

        I'm still in the city, so yippee for worse areas :p

        It's the worst thing about the latest gen for me, stuff looks great, but I'm having trouble.
        Hopefully it's just teething troubles & developers will find a good balance between detail & looking good.

    Anna's Quest
    Tales from the Borderlands
    Portal Stories: Mel

    Witcher 3... Wish I was playing it right now :-(

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