What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What am I playing this weekend? Well, nothing amazing has been released in the last week, so I'll be playing the same thing I've been playing for the last month: The Witcher 3, Splatoon and probably Batman: Arkham Knight.

Or maybe I'll get a bit frisky and get back into my NG+ on Bloodborne. Who knows.

What are you playing these days!


    I'm currently deciding whether I'll play Fear Effect 2, Operation Abyss or Styx. There will definitely be some Chrono Trigger and possibly some USFIV or GG Xrd Sign.

    Magic The Gathering, cos I'm a massive nerd....


        heck yez :D

          Nice. I'm doing a two-headed giant one tomorrow arvo, playing white. What colour did you pick?

            White. At the moment it's looking like the best color. Actually the whole set itself looks strong, but white is my jam.

              Yeah, I'm playing White as well. Hoping to jag a double faced planeswalker and some good stuff to put in commander decks

    Going outside for the first time in weeks. What's that bright thing in the sky? D:

      That is Silnar, the fabled god of wrath and fire. He arrived last Tuesday and all humanity has been enslaved to toil under him and meet his demands. We hope that if Silnar is pleased we will be freed from His terr- uh... benevolent presence when His hunger is sated and He returns to his thousand year slumber.

        This made me laugh. A lot. Well done :-P

        I, For One, Welcome our new Silnar Overlord.

    My wife will be continuing Fallout 3, which we confirmed last night locks out my entire Steam library from use, so I will probably be continuing with Watch_Dogs on the Xbone in between bouts of trying to clean the apartment. If I get tired of that I might try and finish my New Vegas playthrough on the 360, since I never got around to that. Then I might go and finish the Broken Steel DLC in Fallout 3, since I never did that either. \o/

      Tried running Fallout 3 via Steam in offline? It should let you run stuff elsewhere, and it's not like Fallout 3 needs online.

        Good point, I could probably play my own games offline without interrupting her "lending" of my library. It occurred to me as I was typing that post but it wasn't something we considered trying last night.

        I bet my wife suggests it as I'm walking in the door tonight.

    I picked up Oceanhorn on Steam last week and I've been having some fun with that. So far it's been a lot of fun. It's like A Link Between Worlds if it were based on Wind Waker instead of Link to the Past. I also got a copy of Splatoon on Wednesday so I'll probably jump into that for a bit too.

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    Magic: The Gathering- it's prerelease weekend!

    Also Boardgames

    Also Bloodborne

    Possibly Anna's Quest

      Magic: Is that a card game or a computer game?

        Card game, the new set comes out next week so this week they have an event where you get six packs of the new set to build a deck from and play before you can purchase them off the shelf

    It's pile of shame month for me :-)

    I'm digging through the Witcher 3, Dark Souls 2 on PS4, maybe some Bloodborne, FF10 HD and if time permits some time in the Oculus Rift playing Elite Dangerous, I'm trying to head home after a massive exploration stint that's now covered about 30,000 light years but still some 8500 light years to go.

    Continuing completion of my Death Wish heists on Payday 2. Platinumed it once I've finished them! Will be a mixture of FFXIV and possibly a handheld title from my pile of shame at other times, and finishing off S2 of Penny Dreadful.

    It's gonna be a jam packed Saturday, meejik, pokemanz, Munster Huntar, perhaps Dominion and eventually The Dingins & Draguns

    Halfway, Just picked it up.
    Some Darksiders.
    Fallout 3 DLC that I own but never got around to.

    Witcher 3. Arrived in Skellige earlier in the week but work and family have severely hampered my progress since then.

    Witcher 3 or finally getting into Pillars of Eternity. Some Splatoon if I get the time!

      New map coming for splatoon, and it's a SUPER interesting one! It's going to be pretty epic.

    I'll be playing the getting drunk at housewarming game which should reduce my HP to 50%. Sunday will be spent drinking potions to get my HP somewhere closer to 80%.

    Batman Arkham Knight! Then if I finish (I won't) back to Witcher 3.
    Possibly continue Rune Factory 4 a bit.

    My main computer is still in bits and pieces, so it'll be Dawn of War 2, probably some Don Bradman Cricket to commemorate the Ashes (I'm almost done with the WI tour in my career mode, the one that's scheduled just before this Ashes) and a mix of CS:GO/DOTA 2.

    Lots of football manager while I stay up all night watching the ashes. The two go hand in hand perfectly.

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      I second this statement! I loved it up until 2012, but I'm scared I won't be able to learn how to play if I started 2015 :(

    The missus is is feeling nostalgic, so we are probably going to be playing a Warcraft 3 modded map called DDay, the only custom map we know where so she can play the xenomorph from Aliens.

    Moving house in a week and a half. I'll be packing boxes, so not too much gaming for me.

    Might try and squeeze in some Diablo 3 and Far Cry 4

    Can't get back to my witcher 3 save files until the they release the Ciri DLC. So...

    Demon Souls and maybe a little Batman Arkham Asylum for me this weekend.

      Patch 1.07 will be rather large so I'm thinking of leaving the Witcher 3 until it hits...

        yeah that as well. Problem I have is I downloaded Ciri DLC BEFORE learning it was not ready. I deleted it but now all my save files are locked until I get it back.

    Pillars, nostalgic for Freelancer, maybe some Heroes of might and magic 3 (not HD)... and if I can squeeze them in dota and guild wars.

    Having recently finished the Witcher 3, I don't know. I feel anything I play for a while will feel flat after the month long grand adventure I had with Geralt and friends.

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