What Are You Playing This Weekend?

So, I think I'm giving up on The Witcher 3. I just can't get into it. Might as well just admit it, not a massive fan. What I'm going to do this week: take my work laptop home and finally 'finish' Her Story, probably try out this early version of Hacknet, and play craploads more Splatoon.

Splatoon is the best for me because I can play it when my son is awake. I think that might be the reason I've played so much of it.

I've also been playing a bit of Yoshi's Wooly World, which is okay, but perfect for parents with young children darting around.

That's what I'll be playing, how about you?


    Hopefully some Rocket League, had planned to 100% Anna's Quest but I'll be without my laptop most of Saturday. Also might play BF:Hardline to attempt to 100% that too

      Hit me up on Rocket League if you want some online action *wink*

      PSN: Zambayoshi (I don't even know if you can link up with me if you are playing on PC, but what the hey!)

        Cross platform parties are being added in the next big update.

          Nice! I've been getting a few PC players in my random match-ups, or at least I assume they are PC players, since they can almost instantly type messages over chat instead of laboriously selecting the letters as I must do on PS4 :-)

            I'm playing on PC. Usual giveaway that someone is PS4 is whether or not they have an avatar on the scoreboard. And yeah, being able to type smack talk and praise fast is nice :D

    What about when that new movement system is added into Witcher?

    Also, for something to play when your son is awake: Rocket League. More Rocket League. Cannot get enough of Rocket League.

      Is the patch out already? Been playing radiant historia is really digging it

        Not yet...I think the developers said sometime this or next week. They are testing the patch now

    Mostly Styx, with some Chrono Trigger thrown in. EVO's on so I'll probably be watching that a lot and playing USFIV or GG Xrd sign to get in the spirit of things.

      How are you finding Styx? I'm curious about it but haven't done digging to see if it is good/right for me

        It reminds me most of Thief, though I could just as easily say it's like Tenchu without a grappling hook and as many items. It has some control issues, especially with regard to jumping and some of the flaws in the physics engine (Bodies sometimes bounce after a kill) can trigger the alarm unnecessarily. Overall though, the level designs are pretty good and stealth is always the focus, even when playing on the easier difficulties (Enemies hit hard if they catch you). Definitely worth checking out if you're into pure stealth games.

    Bloodbooo... oh. Wait. Not any more. That sucker is done!

    So I'm gonna play Anna's Quest, finish off episode 4 of Game of Thrones, and find something action-packed to replace Bloodborne. Not sure what yet, will have to flick through the pile of shame.

    I've also been informed by my 4 year old son that this weekend, we will be finishing world 3 of Yoshi's Woolly World and getting enough flowers for level 2-S and 3-S. So there's that too.

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      Yeah I've had difficulty replacing Bloodborne too :/ let me know what your results on that front are if you do

        I replaced Bloodborne with Sailing Simulator 2015, otherwise known as The Witcher 3. Seriously, I am in Skellige now and the sailing is both time-consuming and awesome! (except when you are attacked by sirens, because those suckers are vicious and fighting in a boat is hard).

    I didn't get around to playing anything last weekend, so I'm going to push on through Watch_Dogs, perhaps intermittently mingled with odds and ends from my steam library.

      Currently going through Watch Dogs as well - something about Batman made me wanna go back and tackle this game - I've had it for ages but just used to get carried away with invasions and the multiplayer and not bothered with the story - now I'm tackling the story missions and they're great - currently trying to infiltrate some gang to obtain am IP address to give to some creep who has kidnapped the sister - it's heavy stuff but I love the gang hideouts - it's like GTA crossed with Splinter Cell (though I'd kill for a new Splinter Cell)

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        I think I did that mission recently too, I pretty much got sidetracked right after launch. I've just recently cleared all the ctOS towers and privacy invasions, so I'll be launching back into the story this weekend.

    Payday 2 platinum finally finished, and now wandering aimlessly. Friend is getting into FFXIV, so will probably jump in and assist, try and level my BLM to 56. Aside from that, might try and get to a new playthrough of P4 Golden.

    Rocket League, Rocket League, doing whatever a super acrobatic rocket-powered battle-car can!

    EDIT: Okay, okay, I'll play The Witcher 3 as well, but riding around on Roach is a poor substitute for my tricked out Road Hog complete with pirate hat, Australian flag and 80s style colour changing paintjob, oh and also the flame thrower exhaust!

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      If youre on PS4, hook me up - I want some decent team mates who wont steal my certain team goal away from our team by boosting past me and knocking the ball to the other side to playfield arena

        Ha ha, I know what you mean, but it's hard to see where team mates are some of the time, especially when you've got ball-vision turned on. When it happens to me I just laugh and shake my head. People tend to get really enthusiastic about chasing the ball it seems. I've found that you just need to adapt to what your team mates are doing. If you see a couple of people chasing you kind of hang back between your goal and half-way, waiting for the opportunity to strike! Anyway, friend me on PSN: Zambayoshi :-)

    jumped back into Just Cause 2 last night for the first time in 2 and half years. gonna continue to 100% that shit.
    also hopefully some GTA V online with my crew and friends if my internet gets fixed today :'(

    and maybe some Tales of the Abyss on 3DS which i recently just started.

      99.95%* that shit, game is unbeatable without a mod only on the PC version

        how did i not know this?!?!
        whats the glitch?

          The game is missing 6 resource packages (3 weapons parts and 3 vehicle parts from the only Agency mission that doesn't reward you) and there is a water tower that is supposed to be in the game but isn't.

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      I literally did the same thing last night, except I had never played JC2 before because my old PC was a potato. Really enjoying it so far and definitely on the hype train for JC3 now!

    How good is moray towers in splatoon?! My favourite map, along with urchin underpass and port mackerel.

      I haven't managed to get a game on Moray Towers, from the quick look I got of it during the news update thing it seemed like its a bunch of narrow pathways which I always like. Urchin Underpass is my least favourite map. Bluefin Depot is probably my favourite atm.

    finishing Batman Arkham Knight and starting Dishounered

      Dishonored is awesome. Just finished it and now ive moved onto the dlc

    My son is a Splatoon fiend so he'll likely be occupied with that. Its such a great game! I'm getting back into Minecraft with Feed The Beast so will likely be exploring some modpacks. Fun! :D

    Well, I have some dog grooming to wait for tomorrow. I get my mums dog done at the same time, but she's starting to think this groomer is lazy and just cuts back the hair as far as she can. Right after that there's a Warmachine event I can go to. Even though I'll be an hour behind everybody else, at this point I'm fairly jaded on our tabletop community that even if I do turn up at 11 I don't think it will make a difference.

    As for games, I'm still playing MKX, also still playing FF14. I've done some recording on raids and such and wondering if anybody would be interest in them. Particularly since I like to abuse the chat and qoute Resident Evil during combat.

    Also, the other day I was browsing through the PSN store and decided to look through the Free-to-play section. Normally I scoff at the sight of such a section, but I noticed one game called Planetside 2 that didn't look like total garbage. Looking it up I'm kinda turned off that it's a 2012 game that's only been out a couple of weeks on PS4. But it's had good reception, even from the articles on this website. So I download it.

    The art style is too balanced to visually stand out. If one class/factions art style stands out more in the background over another than most people will avoid it. The control scheme is a bit lame, needs additional options. Using your class ability is L1 and spotting is R1, but throwing grenades is L1 and R1. Whoever thought that was a good idea needs a punch to the face. While it's not too horrible, there's been multiple times I've jumped off a tower, saw an enemy, go to spot him, but my muscle memory kicks in and I attempt to use my jet pack before I hit the ground, resulting in me throwing a grenade into the dirt since my shins now stick through my shoulders.

    But aside from that, I got really addicted to the game.

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    I finished Pillars of Eternity last weekend. Getting back into finishing GTA5 now.

    Witcher 3 if the 1.07 patch drops.

    Also, has anyone played A Valley Without Wind? I got it for free from GMG when I bought Portal 2. And is it any good?

    Alpha Protocol - picked it up for $0.99 and it's awesome! I'm 9 hours in. Won't get a chance much to play though :( Which sucks, because the story is great.

    I have a poker night, so its card games for me :)

    I'll probably spend more time watching Evo this weekend than playing anything.

    For once I have no idea. It's going to be a weird weekend.

    Probably try to finish off the story mode of Hand of fate. Was loving everything about that game right up until the instant death QTE at the end. Hopefully not to bad now I know they are there but adding a new instant death mechanic without warning in the final fight is just bad design

    My wife and I are currently playing Trove. That game has some seriously addictive qualities.

    project cars on pc got it last friday and this old boy can say it is so much fun.

    Getting back into some Destiny like a pleb.



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