What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I often think of July as a complete wasteland for new releases. An opportunity to play catch-up on older games. But this month, I've been avoiding The Witcher 3 and playing Rocket League. So this weekend? I'm going to play more of that.

I'm also going to finish off my latest playthrough of Journey on the PS4. I started yesterday and found myself absolutely awestruck all over again. What an incredible achievement that game is.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Diablo 3 - will finally get my first platinum trophy, hopefully
    Journey - I want that moving/awesome experience everyone had
    Rocket League - most fun game I have in my library right now
    And... maybe some Witcher 3 as well if I feel like it/have time left. I stopped due to the whole broken DLC issue and now I seem to unable/unwilling to get back into it

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      Played it again on PS4 last night. Even after four playthroughs, still got those feels. I think you'll enjoy. Play online if you can :-)

        Thanks for the tip! I played on Saturday and absolutely love it. It is literally a beautiful journey

    Far Cry 4 yet again

      I've been hopelessly addicted. I've only got a couple of masks and about 20-30 crates left, then I'm ready for the final mission.

      Then I can start Dying Light which arrived yesterday just in time for the weekend.

      Loved Far Cry 4, got hooked and didn't put it down. The only trophies I'm missing for that are the 'play with a friend' co-op trophies.

        Its such an awesome game. The small copters and wingsuit make it so much better to get around compared to number 3

          I am always of the opinion that it is too much like Far Cry 3. But I did hear LOTS of good things about 4. Maybe I will pick it up when it's cheaper.

    Picked up Dark Souls II on the XBOX One the other day. Not loving it. I'm thinking I might start a new save this weekend and see if a fresh start helps.

      I did a lot of research & asked a lot of questions before starting DArk Souls 1 out of fear.

      2 I just jumped right in & was having trouble early on without a shield, so I started fresh with a shield guy & had a much better time.

      Great game, but I've hit a wall because I started it straight after 1 while playing Bloodborne at the same time.

      Taking a break & will get back to it.

        I feel like I should be playing with a shield if I want to progress at a reasonable pace and beat the game, but to play it in a way that I'll enjoy I think dual wield and lots of dodging is the way to go. I just need to get a lot better at reading the encounters and maybe find some over powered weapons so fights don't drag on forever.

      Have they fixed the weapon durability issue yet? I played on last gen and was waiting for them to fix that issue before picking it up on ps4. And then they announced Dark Souls 3...

        What was the issue? It exists, I've never even broken a weapon yet, they're automatically fixed at bonfires.

          Apparently the durability is tied to the frame rate so with current gen the weapons break twice as fast. PC players has been complaining fit a while now and last I heard (maybe 2 months ago) they are working on a patch to fix that

            Well, it's either fixed or was never an issue on PS4. Like I said, never broken a weapon once & I've wandered around like an idiot for aaaaages.

    I think I'm going to start either The Witcher 3 or Saints Row 4, except it'll probably be like last weekend, where I couldn't choose and ended up watching terrible TV on netflix.

    I'll probably pick up Journey too since I can't crossbuy, so there's playing that for sure, at least!

      Saints Row 4. It's like terrible TV on Netflix but you can super jump and listen to the radio even when you're not in a car.

        That sounds like it's right up my terrible TV alley then. Thanks!

      Journey is fantastic, tried it for first time 24 hours ago.......Yeah I've finished it 3 times now.

        Isn't it though? The first time I got it I played it every night for a week. It might be the same game over and over but who you can meet made it new each time.

          Music is just too damn good. I've played the surfing chapter on repeat quite a few times. So much fun.

    Hopefully some Witcher: Wild Hunt!


        I chuckled.

        I can feel the gwent burn already and I only just started the game....

    I got into the Street Fighter V beta so there will be a lot of that. Probably some Chrono Trigger as well. I was hoping Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds Overdrive would come out in AU this week so I could play it this weekend but we either got screwed over on a game yet again or it's been delayed in EU territories. I may also check out the new Skullgirls version too. July hasn't been a dry month at all for me.

    Path of exile just released new content so I got back into that last night. I forgot how good it is. Big patches if you haven't played for a while though.

      Also if you're in it for the lore, the new expansion has a tonne of stuff that is really interesting.

    After saying for the last two weeks I was going to continue with Watch_Dogs and not actually playing anything, I think I might finally play Watch_Dogs.

    Or do housework. Probably that one.

      Ignore all the hate towards Watch Dogs, personally I loved it. It's not perfect, but still a very enjoyable game.

      I had a lot of fun with it too. The story and characters are quite stupid, but to me entertainingly so. The gameplay is also pretty fun.

    So I really got into Planetside 2. So much so that when I tried going back to FF14 I find out my subscription had ended. Was planning on playing that. So now it's still MKX and Planetside 2, plus any backlog games.

    Also started writing the script for my Halo 3 review.

    I'm really hoping to bust out Village now that I've bought the Inn and Port expansions.

    Board game expansions are always a tricky proposition. If the other people you're playing with haven't played the base game, you can't really use them.

    Knights of the Old Republic II : The Sith Lords!!!

    ingress probably. Other than that i have no plans,

    What I intend on playing:
    Witcher 3
    Elder Scrolls Online

    What I will likely play:
    Rocket league
    Heroes of the storm

    What I will actually play:
    Rocket league

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      The 12-step programme of Rocket League addiction. Step 1: admit you have a Rocket League addiction.

    I resubbed to WoW *sigh* so playing that occasionally, I still find it highly boring though :/ Draenor just sucks for me for some reason..

    Also why I resubbed was because I was told my guild which had abandoned me long before I stopped playing to go play on another server as Horde decided they would come back and dethrone me as GM, then booted me and ransacked the guild bank, Blizzards response? Tough luck, there is nothing we will do about it. Oh well. I guess they don't really need my money.

    Can't wait to get my TV back from Sony so I can continue playing my PS4. Which I actually miss playing now.

    ROCKET LEAGUE! Why is it so damn fun. Even if you're losing.

    Also, going to start Metro 2033 Redux. Heard many good things.

    Picked up Shadow of the Damned for cheap. How did I miss this game? It's quite the fun/funny romp!

      Suda 51 glory, too bad Killer is dead was a bit shit..

    Rocket League and Borderlands 2. My Axton is Op8, now to finish off with Maya, I think she's at 36 at the moment. Loooooong way to go. It'll be made even longer as I may not be able to part ways with Rocket League. Ah you frustratingly addictive game.

    Destiny. Elite: Dangerous. Journey.

    Maybe some Rocket League too, all the cool kids are playing it.

    First, I'm gonna play the "get to the other side of the city" game to pick up something I bought - first time in nine years I've regretted not owning a car in Sydney. Then I'm gonna spend a bunch of time with Rocksmith. Then do a playthrough of Journey to re-earn my white cloak, maybe one more to play the helpful white-robe for some new people. Then the rest of the weekend will likely be Destiny and Pillars.

    Picked up Lego Batman 2 in a sale so my wife and I are planning a marathon that tomorrow. Sunday, hopefully I'll get a bit of time to play Witcher 3.

    Awkward Family Gathering.

      I was looking forward to that. Have they fixed the uncle tells bad joke and farts excessively bug?

    I picked up Journey earlier this week but am waiting for a few hours alone to play it, which may not happen until Monday. I want to experience it without interruptions!

    So, I'll most likely be playing Rocket League and chasing that illusive, kinda-bugged 'Drive 500kms' trophy.

    I also started up Rogue Legacy last night after picking it up for free months ago and never really playing it. Turns out it's freaking great and I'm hooked. So probably lots of that too.

      I had an addiction to Rogue Legacy last year. It is indeed a fantastic game.

        For sure. Very much a "One more go" game. Doubt I'll have the skill to finish it though...

          Just takes a lot of hours. I finished it but it took me a damn long time. Can't remember now but it was probably a few hundred attempts, just slowing grinding and increasing stats.

      Yeah, like you i only started playing it couple of weeks ago and can't put it down. Best cross save game right now IMO.

    I'm playing ... host to a bunch of three year old's for a Thomas Birthday party. Might play some modded Skyrim to get in the mood.

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