What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Welcome to the post in which I make grand plans to finish Batman: Arkham Asylum and The Witcher 3, but actually end up playing Rocket League and Splatoon.

So yeah, that's the long and short of it. That's what I'll be playing over the weekend. How about you? What are you planning to play?


    Likely Iron Banner just to get the helm and chest to complete my Titan's IB armor set. When not doing that, upgrading/tinkering with Windows 10 on my various PCs, and leveling my Ninja in FFXIV.

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    For the fourth week running I will profess to finally return to Watch_Dogs, but since I'm going to Ikea Saturday morning and having friends over Saturday night who usually don't leave til sometime on Sunday, I expect that's unlikely. I may get to play something Sunday afternoon, and of course there's the bank holiday on Monday to consider (which insurance companies sneakily take for themselves because why not).

    If I can't get around to Watch_Dogs I may at least try and finish The Blackwell Deception, which I started months ago and stopped abruptly for no particular reason.

    I just got Alien Isolation in the mail, so probably that.

    Also been playing through Dino Crisis 2 for the bajillionth time. This time, on the VITA!

      I need to get back to Alien Isolation. It's a great game, but it can get frustrating when you spend half an hour or more sneaking around the ship only to be insta-killed and have to replay large sections. That's when I usually put it on hold for a while.

        Yeah, I could smell that coming.

        Part of the problem I had was that I'd sometimes lose a bunch of progress just because I hadn't noticed a save point or two on the wall as I'd gone past, and so ended up having to go back further than I would have otherwise had to if I'd noticed them and saved there.

        Great game overall, though.

      I was playing dino crisis one but got stuck, couldn't remember the solution and lost interest back tracking, might switch to dino crisis 2. I really want a series reboot.

        Yeah, 3 was horrible.

        I've completed 1 so many times I can generally guess the answers to puzzles.

        I was thinking they should do a direct sequel to 2 that does insane back to the future 2 style time travel so they can erase 3 from canon, Days of Future Past style.

        Imagine Regina heading back to the island from 1, avoiding herself like a sassy Marty McFly.

          That'd make an awesome game. Where she could see herself doing things from the first game.

      I loved it (won it off Kotaku actually), but ended up taking the difficulty down to normal to get through the game. The randomness of the Xeno is both exhilarating and frustrating in equal measure.

        I'm playing on easy. Considered very easy, but thought I'd better not.

    Hopefully finish GTA5 this weekend. Then maybe go on to Watch Dogs or AC4

    Shadow of Mordor just came out for Linux, so that's my weekend set

    Batman Arkham Knight - finally unwrapped it last night.
    MGS: GS - in preparation of MGS: PP
    Diablo 3 - got the platinum trophy but still wants to play anyway.
    And maybe some Rocket League and/or witcher 3

    Lego Marvel Superheroes. Trying to 100% it with the wife.
    If I get some personal time, I'll get back into the Witcher 3.

    Disgaea 2 and Fire Emblem: Sword of Flame mainly. Mostly I'll be watching SGDQ though.

    Well, the other day I finally completed Rogue Legacy. I even recorded the final fight where I kill the final bosses by only farting on them.


    As for the weekend, I'm still playing MKX and Planetside 2. Although I'm starting to notice a problem in PS2 where it seems like I need to give in to regular microtransactions to get more enjoyment out of the game. Buying a single new weapon requires like a week of playing, and you don't know if you would like the new weapon that's retricted to that specific class. So I may give up on the game soon.

    Still playing Fire Emblem (stupid conversations) and may dip in to some backlog games.

    Getting into my script for my Halo 3 review, and may do some painting for a WarmaHordes tournament next week.

    SGDQ, watching games get destroyed counts as playing them right?

    Wii Fit U picked it up last night so willing to find out how much of a fatty i am.

      I've started this too. Be aware that a tonne of the exercises require you to have a Wii Remote and nunchuck, and some require MotionPlus. I'm effectively cut off from about a third of the program, and the options to customise a workout routine without all the peripherals are pretty much non-existent.

      So I just do the running ones and jog on the spot.

        Yeah i noticed they have a lot of games that require multiple controls seems a bit silly, Is it just me or do they not explain the games as well this time round? I struggled at first with a few and the whole transfer data was confusing at first (i used my wifes instead of mine by mistake).

          Oh, I'm as confused as hell by most of the explanations, and the game belittles me for not being able to do them right. "Perhaps you aren't ready to stand still and extend your leg - perhaps try a more remedial exercise first"

            It can become a very frustrating pain in the ass at times. Usually at that stage i just storm off in a huff and eat a donut :P

    There's a Smash Bros tournament at UTS on Sunday, so I'll be playing a lot of that. Otherwise, hoping to make a dent in Dragon Age: Origins and some ranked Splatoon. I wanna get to the A ranks before the S/S+ patch hits!

    Rocket League!!!

    EDIT: actually, I have been putting a few hours into The Witcher 3 lately - I just put on a dramatic comedy (a first for me in video game form).

    I'll put in a plug for Foxtales DLC of Never Alone (PS4). More lovely inupiak storytelling featuring Nuna and that cute little snow fox, who learn that they should always respect animals.

    Still going on Persona Q as well as playing The Swindle (it's pretty great!)

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    I'm playing "fix my Internet connection so I can use wired and not just wireless".

    Also, Diablo 3.

    Resonance of Fate. After a very angry frustrating first impression, am loving the insane stylish gunplay!

    Like you, Serrels, I would LOVE to finish the Witcher 3 this weekend... But I got stuck into Ground Zeroes again last night - I only played the first mission I have so much to do before The Phantom Pain comes out!

    And then when I was feeling a bit tired I teed up with a mate and played two hours of Rocket League 2v2... God damn that game is so much fun every time!!! I'm not even sure I can go back to Fifa anymore!!

    I'm just ten matches away from the Rocket League platinum trophy. Don't even have to win them, just play them. Will bowl that over this weekend, and move on to something else in my pile of shame. Possibly Grim Fandango!

      Does that mean PS4 doesn't have the "Drive 500km" achievement, or have you got that already?

        It's got it, but it popped ages ago for me. I looked it up, and it's glitched apparently to pop if you drive around 70km on one set of tyres. Go figure.

    Was going to be Lichdom Battlemage, but I'll be fucked if I can work out how the magic system works...

    I'll take another look though .... in case it's just me being thick..

    Rocket League on the ps4 and Neverwinter on the Xbone

    Titanfall, Wolfenstein.
    Got them both for next to nothing today.

    Blitzing through Persona 4: Golden on my PS TV, and having a bit more of a go at The Last of Us. Meanwhile, I'm eagerly anticipating the Splatoon update - just hit MAX level yesterday, so I can't wait to level further.

      Who is your P4G waifu?


        But for srs, it was Yukiko, until Rise came along. 10/10 would advance social link again.

          Yeah, I dumped Yuki for Rise as well. I felt bad but hey, it's Rise we're talkin' 'bout.

    Playing Absolute Drift and H1Z1 and running Windows 10 Pro.

    planning on 100% FFX-2, then either on to FFX or might grab handsome collection and play some borderlands 2/presequel on PS4

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