What Was Your Best Pokémon Victory?

What Was Your Best Pokémon Victory?

Maybe it was at a tournament. Maybe you were 12, up against an adult, or 12 and managed to exact your revenge on the jerk in your maths class. Maybe you were on your last legs (or whatever appendages make up your Pokémon of choice) before magically pulling in with the win.

If you've got a great Pokémon victory story (Magikarp wins welcome), share it below. I'll round up the best ones to share later. Pick any battle from any title from the series. Just make us feel like we were there!


    Punching out a drunken idiot wearing a pikachu onesie who pinched my girl's arse at the pub. The manager saw everythng and threw him (and his large group of drunk, cosplay clad buddies) out of the bar. It was super effective.

    I once challenged this 9 year old in the car park of my local KFC.

    Demolished the little sucker, he didn't know what hit him.

      & before somebody gets all defensive (this being the internet) this is a joke.
      I'm not serious.

      He was 7 & beat the shit out of me.

        Dude, I'm so sorry to hear that.

          Wasn't funny? I'm used to that, my wife never laughs at my jokes ;-)

    Well, there was this one time my friend was playing pokemon, but I was wooing girls, and I got laid. He didn't, he just got angry.

    A long time ago, I fought a cheater who had a single level 255 snorlax.

    He beat the CRAP out of me, until one of my pokemon left him poisoned upon being hit, and the last pokemon I had remaining was a Shedinja.

    I defeated the Elite 4, and then Gary.

      Actually, this. I still remember my hands shaking as I'd finally managed to beat Lance for the first time. And then I had to fight Gary too? That was a nail biting battle when you didn't know it was coming.

        For me I have very few memorable battles which I had, most of my memories to do with Pokemon are around catching them (Zapdos, MissingNo, et. al).

    Went 1v6 with my hydration rest toxic bug-trap-move-that-I-can't-remember-the-name-of-at-the-moment rain dance sdef hp trained Goodra and won. Dude was super pissed.

    Silver version. I was battling Red on top of we were both down to our last Pokemon his lvl 77 Venusaur my lvl 16 Pidge, and I won.

    It wasn't necessarily in the canon Pokemon games, but the Minecraft mod, 'Pixelmon'.

    I was Electric Gym Leader, we were allowed 3 Electric or Electric/* types, capped at Level 50.
    I had Galvantula, Electvire and Lanturn.

    There was this one snobby player who was storming through the Gyms, and I was #5 on his list. He slaughtered the mods, and everyone else, and not expecting Lanturn's Defensive capabilities, and Electvire's diverse moveset, he crashed out. He was swearing and being rude all over chat, and the days he spent on this game, he was banned permanently.

    Ahh, the joys of Minecraft's 'Pixelmon'.

    I threw a Dusk Ball at Palkia from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl on the first turn and captured it.

    I played a few pokemon games in my day, and my best win was when I went into the elite 4 for the first time when playing Emerald, and as a seasoned pokemon player I thought I would be fine to train my level 5 Magikarp up to a Gyrados whilst completing it.

    Well. I underestimated them, didn't buy quite enough Full Restores and in the end, the magikarp evolved before the final match but still had terrible moves and was only on level 16 or something. Everything else had fainted and the Gyrados won me the final match against Gary or whatever with Struggle on around 30HP.


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    Mine is an Odd(ish) 'last legs' story.

    I played Pokemon Red constantly for about 2 years when my parents bought me a Gameboy Colour and Pokemon Red when I was 10 (my brother got Blue). From then on I was a 'Gamer'.

    A few years later in early High School I learned about emulation for the first time and the fact that you could speed up roms of old games. I got into the habit of playing a sped up rom of Pokemon Red over and over trying to beat the game as fast as I could.

    This usually involed rolling with one Pokemon (always Charizard) who, through sheer power levelling, would fight every single battle in the game. Other than that I had a HM slave for each move.

    Now the problem was, the faster I got the more battles I avoided (I had even stopped bothering catching the legendary birds!). That meant less and less power levelling for my Charizard.

    On my final run through the game I cut it too fine. Up against Lance in the Elite 4, I whittled him down to his final Dragonite but my Charizard fainted and one by one my HM slaves got whipped too.

    I got down to my last slave, Oddish. Caught early in the game to learn one of the earliest HM's, Cut, with a moveset of barely anything more, my little Oddish was experiencing his first fight against a lvl 60+ Dragonite at the pointy end of the elite 4 gauntlet.

    Dragonite got the first move thanks to his vastly superior level and used Agility. A little bit of a redunant setup I thought since I was already moving slower, but oh well I'll take the one move reprieve. Ready for the inevitable I thought it was fitting to take a swipe with Cut (since that was why Oddish was there!) and took a miniscule amount of health off Dragonite. Dragonite used Agility again. Ok, weird, but he'll soon max out his speed boost and we'll be done. I used poison powder and managed to poision the pseudo-legendary Dragon, a little bit of niggle. Dragonite used Agility again. Alright he is topped out now - I am sure a hyper beam is coming next to rub it in.

    But it didn't. Lance's Dragonite continued in a loop of pointlessly spamming Agility.

    I was confused. Between the poisioning, Cut and Absorb, I was slowly but surely whittling down Dragonite's health with no damage at all coming Oddish's way.

    I started to believe. Oddish was the one. I was sweating. Heart pumping. Edging bit by bit to a ridiculous victory. At any moment the Agility train could stop. Maybe Dragonite would run out of moves and use struggle - I hadn't been counting because I was not taking the fight seriously to start with. The ROM was sped up, but for me time crawled.

    And then it happened. Dragonite fainted. Oddish had won. The gentle tide had slowly eroded the colossal mountain.

    At the end of the fight Oddish gained so much xp that it power leveled all the way to a triumphant evolution into Gloom!

    As might be expected, my Gloom, newly evolved but all on his own, was no match for the Gary fight that followed, but I will always remember that strange sped up ROM fight between wimpy Oddish and Lance's Dragonite as my greatest Pokemon win.

    Years later I was googling Pokemon and found out that my win was down to the not-quite-perfect AI of the Gen I games. The AI would always use a super-effective attack from a pokemon's moveset, even if that attack causes no damage. One of Oddish's types is Poison and Agility was type Psychic. Not quite super-effective!

    Pokemon Platinum. My Bibarel saved my butt and downed Azelf after it cut a swathe through my entire crew (including Garchomp). In my eyes, Bibarel is a hero.


    A year ago when pokemon x and y was still fresh I spent the next few weeks no life-ing it, trying to get my team and other pokemon to level 100, trying to catch as much as I could, trying to squeeze every ounce of entertainment from the cartridge. At my school, basically all my friends and I were ever playing at that point was pokemon, and it was a blast. Trading, battling, you name it. Even a couple of people I knew that weren't into pokemon or handhelds bought one specifically for Gen 6.

    Now Here's the real story for you:

    There's this one kid, lets call him "The Rhino" (for his powerhouse team). He was basically top dog at our school in terms of battling firepower, I would go so far to call him the best at our school. He does the standard IV breeding, EV training stuff. Conversely I'm not into that kind of thing as much. My definition of "the very best" differs from others but that's getting off topic.
    To the best of my memory his team was:

    - Scizor (with mega)
    - Skarmory
    - Greninja
    - Gengar
    - Lucario
    - Talonflame

    He had challenged a lot of guys with that team, and won them all. It was only a matter of time until I was called up to the plate. When he did challenge me I wasn't exactly brimming with confidence, but I accepted reluctantly anyway. A battle is a battle right? Who knows what might happen?
    I believe my team was:

    - Lucario (with Mega)
    - Greninja
    - Blaziken
    - Noivern
    - Garchomp
    - Aegislash

    The battle began, and Skarmory made life difficult for quite a while before I could take him down, by then the Toxic Spikes had already taken the life of Noivern. Blaziken did the job, but not in one hit of course (curse you Sturdy!).
    Next up was Gengar in all his ghostly glory. Blaziken dealt a small number on Gengar, but alas that high sp. atk was too much for him and he went down. I decided then to fight ghost with ghost and throw aegislash in to tank it and finish the job. It worked but not without injury, albeit a small one. His Talonflame flew in for the kill next, and the count was down to 4-3, a lot better than I initially anticipated, but the worst was still to come.
    Greninja was in and made short work of the fiery fiend, and shortly after came his ace: the mega scizor.

    Let me sum up what was waiting for me:
    A mega scizor with high atk. (EV trained to be so as well) 6 IVs, bullet punch STAB, and Technical.

    It was a nightmare to be sure. He popped greninja despite the type matchup casually like it was a driveby. I wanted to save my ace, lucario, for last, just in case I needed a last minute comeback. It always worked out for me before, so why not now you know? But hope was dashed in an instant when I saw how quickly he dropped Garchomp with bullet punch.

    And then there was only one, one against three to be exact.

    At that point I didn't exactly give too much of a damn anymore. I managed to take down three pokemon and no one would blame me If I lost here. After all, a non-professionally trained team up against one that was? Preposterous!

    I sent him him and thought about my options. On one hand I could forfeit, but where's the fun in that? On the other was the classic set-up swords dance close combat combo. I'm not really the type to back down, or do things halfway, so I figured "f*** it, lets go".

    I initated mega evolution and set up swords dance, and the onslaught approached. But an opportunity presented itself! I watched the health bar drop to critical levels, but stop right before depletion. I knew lucario's defence was shit, but apparently I underestimated it. I was flabbergasted and so was "The Rhino", I survived with an attack boosted mega lucario lying in wait to unleash STAB close combat hell.

    And that's how it happened, Mega Lucario annihilated the rest of his squad with a flurry of close combats. "The Rhino" was shocked, but not as much as I. The crowd was on my side as I was the first to defeat him, and the only thing I regret from that day, was to record the battle after it was all over.


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