Why Is The World's Greatest Fighter Playing Medal Of Honor In 2015?

Anderson Silva is arguably the greatest martial artist who ever lived. He has a highlight reel of knockouts and does things that most fighters find incomprehensible. But right now he isn't fighting. He's recording himself playing Medal of Honor: Warfighter on his mobile phone and tweeting it.

This is the weirdest thing I've ever seen.

Just for context: Anderson Silva has seven million followers. His twitter account, like most celebrity accounts, tends to be fairly moderated. Usually videos of him thanking fans, or training, stuff like that.

More context: Anderson Silva is currently a hot news ticket. In January he tested positive for a number of different performance enhancing drugs and is currently in the process of fighting the Nevada Athletic commission on the charges. At the moment every single tweet he makes is being analysed and discussed.

And here he is: playing Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Recording the cut-scenes. On his mobile phone. And then uploading them to twitter. Without a single comment. Literally on some of the videos, if you look closely enough, you can see his reflection on the TV.

I'm completely baffled. What the hell is going on here?

Why video games? And why — of all the games — Medal of Honor: Warfighter? A sub-par shooter released in 2012! Anderson Silva is probably the most highly paid mixed martial artist of all time. He's still playing Medal of Honor: Warfighter?

Anderson is known for enjoying his video games. He's also a big fan of paintball and reportedly takes it pretty seriously. But that doesn't explain this!

Is he going through his pile of shame? Does he just really, really like Medal of Honor: Warfighter?

Is he just trolling everyone?

It's possible. Anderson Silva has famously 'trolled' both his opponents and the media at different points in his career. That's the only reasonable explanation here.


    I just downloaded the original Medal of Honor iso for my phone emulator. That is still one of my favourite FPSs, and somehow it worked with no analogue sticks.

    As interesting as the article is, there is a big question that remains unanswered. Who was on the other end of the phone?

      Possibly the most important question of our time: who was phone?

    Makes sense to me.

    Every other decision he’s made since 2012 has been a terrible one, I guess his gaming choices are no different.

    *If it’s unclear how sad writing that makes me…. Then you should know that it makes me very sad

    Last edited 02/07/15 4:24 pm

    I've been seriously considering picking MoH:Airborne and MoH:Warfighter recently.

    I've had a hankering for that empty 'clink' sound that comes from the M1 carbine. They are the newest single player WW2 fps games I know of.

      Warfighter was the crap one where they tried to ape Modern Warfare. Follow up to their Medal of Honor reboot which you may recall as it was promoted with images of a Special Forces Guy with an exceptionally luxuriant beard.

      The reboot was mediocre and Warfighter was hot garbage.

      Last edited 02/07/15 5:21 pm

      I loved Airborne. Parachuting in at the start of the mission was great.

      Here's hoping for a MoH collection on XBO/PS4 or at least Airborne as one of the 360 backwards compat games.

      I think COD: World at War is the latest WWII shooter out there. It was pretty good too.

    He kind of looks like Seal. Brother from another mother?

    Too many hits /concussions? He's obviously not right in the head...

    Pound for pound.......

    So disappointed there isn't an "IS NORMAL" comment on this story.

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