WIndows 10 Launches Today, Here's Everything You Need To Know

Windows 10 launches today and it's a super massive update. What do you need to know?

Over at Gizmodo Australia Campbell Simpson has a great little explainer. Head here for everything you need to know about Windows 10.


    Why not just post that article on Kotaku?

      coz Campbell wrote the article for Giz & he & the site deserve the hits in return for his work.

        yeah this is one of those "it is fair to post a link" things. Serrel's isn't being dis-ingenious.

      Why not write an actual article about how Windows 10 relates to PC gaming and whether people should actually upgrade?

      the question should be why is it on kotaku.. its not game related

    I reserved my copy hope i get to download soon.

    Last edited 29/07/15 11:05 am

    Wish I could get this for free ):

      poor attempt at trolling, you're usually better than this.

        Huh? There's not need for hurtful accusations. We're all friends and family here on Kotaku.
        Besides, I was being genuine, as I don't have an original or OEM copy of Windows (7), so I actually have to buy Windows 10 at the shops.

        Ahahahahahahahaha, I knew you didn't have the guts to reply to me, you coward!!

    Reserved my copy too. Hoping to give it a good run and see how it's turned out, getting it free FTW!

    Any idea when its released or is it a pc by pc basis that windows will notify you.

      They are releasing it in waves, Microsoft Insiders first then others as the days or weeks go on. They haven't provided any dates for when people will have it available. Apparently it will just start downloading when it is your turn.

        I had an error with updating but i got it on the day though,

    Crap. Just realised I forgot to reserve my update on my Surface. I wonder if I can install from an ISO over the network or something.

      Regarding Surface, the Windows 8.1 RT tablets do not get a direct upgrade path to Windows 10.

        It's a Surface Pro 3. I just feel like a tool always saying the full name and (almost) nobody remembers the RT exists. =P

          I figured as much, but thought I'd say anyway.
          I still have an RT lying around that I snagged super cheap in a JB Hifi sale haha.

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