Windows 10 Shouldn't Be A Problem For GOG's Older Games

GOG might have embraced indies and AAAs to give its online catalogue some grunt, but it's still dedicated to getting retro classics running on modern platforms. With Windows 10 on the horizon, the company has been working to make sure older (and some newer) titles are good to go for Microsoft's next operating system.

A news post on GOG's website outlines the step it's taken to be "as ready as can be". Fortunately, even with its quality assurance team "at full capacity", it hasn't run into that many issues, which is either a testament to GOG's preparedness, or that Windows 10 isn't completely flipping the table when it comes to backwards compatibility.

The post also mentions that GOG's "entire library" has been undergoing testing, so it's not just the DOSBox-wrapped games that have been getting attention.

For games that that disagree with Windows 10, GOG states that patches will be made available as early as possible and those running the company's Galaxy client will receive the updates automatically.



    So...what's the go when I upgrade. Does it pretty much wipe my computer clean? I honestly don't know how it works. I am on Windows 8.1 right now, just it just upgrade and nothing is lost? Is it the same with downgrading?

    For someone who is studying game development you'd think I would know this :P

      I think it can do an upgrade and keep your files but 9 times out of 10 your just better backing up your files and doing a fresh install anyway.

        microsoft has actually _FINALLY_ learnt how to do in-place upgrades... so while yes i'd typically agree with you... they've gotten their act together and 10 will be quite capable of upgrading... that said always be cautious and backup anything critical ;)

        also this question technically has nothing to do with the article @browny09 :P lol

          They've been able to do them for a while, they're just not very good.

            i know they've been able to do it, but my point is they're actually doing it pretty well now

      You can upgrade in place, which will keep all your programs and settings. There's not much different between 8 and 10 at the kernel level, so everything that runs on 8 will almost certainly run on 10. As king_rocket mentioned, you can also clean install, but you don't have to.

      In-place upgrades appear to be the intended path for future updates, so they've put a fair bit of effort into making sure the upgrade system works well.

        Oh goody. Thanks, can't wait to play candy crush on pc......................

      Might as well do an inplace upgrade, and if for some reason, it runs like crap, run a PC refresh which is basically a fresh install of win10 anyway. Backup first ;)

    I have been using the windows 10 preview and I have not had any issues with Gog games

    I've installed teh WIn10 Tec Preview on my main machine and did it via upgrade. Apart from some old issues that cropped up again. And my ESEt antivirus requiring a re-install, it worked perfectly. And this is a system with dozen of applications installed and even more games installed.

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