Witcher 3 Players: Have You Finished The Game?

Witcher 3 Players: Have You Finished The Game?

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a really, really, ridiculously big game. It came out two months ago, but most people I talk to still haven't finished. Many aren't even close.

I thought I'd find out how far those of you who are playing have gotten, so I made a couple polls. Before we get voting: By "finished" I don't meant that you've hundred-percented the game or anything, just that you've played through the final story mission and seen the story's conclusion. Obviously these polls are intended for people who actually own the game; if you don't have it or haven't played, don't vote.

And while it's a slightly different topic, I'll ask because I'm curious:

For my part: On my second playthrough on PC, I'm closing in on 100 hours; I'm up to the last few missions and have done most every non-gwent contract and sidequest. (I know, I know. I should get into gwent.) Before I enter the endgame, I have to find all of this Wolf Armour. If I'm gonna finish this thing for a second time, I'm gonna do it in style.


    Nope. Just need a day alone with the game.

      I'm still going.... with the Witcher 1...

        Yup the same. Began my journey anew with witcher 1.

    I had a lot of free time and finished in two weeks after it launched.


    I've been spending the rest of the time since rethinking my life. :P

      In the context of wondering if you were being enough like Geralt? Me too... me too.
      Also, realizing I need to play a second time and pick Yen. Because that was the One True Pairing.

        My brother-in-law has chosen Triss and I'm looking forward to him finishing so we can talk about the the end game.

    Not even close. 100+ hours already. Keep getting distracted finding new stuff. Wife beginning to wonder whether our lives will ever return to normal.

    Finished! Ah, what a feeling. Good and Bad. I did all the side missions but didnt get to every question mark on the map. I've moved on to Batman now...

      I had literally exactly the same answer. Down to Arkham Knight haha. Are you liking it?

    Nope. With full time work and 2 toddlers, I suspect I will finish this game in 2017.

      exactly the situation I'm in.

        Seconded. Loving it.
        I also have 2 toddlers, it's not going to be soon.

        @bookiegnu @pointzeroone as unfortunate as that is, glad we are all in the same boat...

          My wife and I just had our second 8 weeks ago - so yeah, I managed to play a crap-load of Witcher 3 during paternity leave. I'm not proud of my parenting. But I am proud of my Geralt.

            Ah, that's the trick. Have another baby to gain 2 weeks of gaming! You're up all night anyway...

            Potential slight spoiler, as a very recent father again, how'd you go during the Bloody Baron?

              Turned it into Casper the friendly ghost of course!

      3 toddlers here. Bought on launch day, 20 hours in.

      I don't even bother starting these complex rpg's anymore unfortunately.

      16-25 year old me would have devoured this one.

        Yeah, totally agree., but that's life i guess. You make sacrifices...

    Nope, 60 hours in so far, just arrived in Skelliger, looking to keep the slow burn rolling!

    Nope. 200+ hours in and I'm level 19, traipsing around Skellige. Mind you, some nights most of my playing time is made up of riding Roach, sailing boats and just walking around the world. It's insanely big. Going from Novigrad down to Velen takes several minutes, assuming you don't get distracted by question marks or ambient quests.

    Yeh.. I finished it in about 4 weeks.. I didn't look at the time I played it.. I didn't do every single side quest but I didn't race through the game either. I enjoyed myself and played it slower than I would most games of this genre. Last fight was a tad too easy but still enjoyable.

    Finished it. First playthrough took me about 100 hours of playtime, which I did in like a week and a half (uni break, what can I say) I did pretty much 0 witcher contracts and missed loads of other sidequests so I've got lots of new stuff still to see and explore on my second playthrough, which I'm really happy about. Truly is a remarkable game.

    I was just saying on the “most used console” thread.
    This game (like Dragon Age before it) is so big that I’m having trouble getting into it.

    I get three 2 hour gaming sessions a week (at most) and maybe one full day a month…. How the hell am I supposed to feel any sense of progress when I barely do anything and then have to turn it off?
    If I get a spare hour at night I can do a mission in Batman or Dying light or a few races of Project CARS instead.

    I can’t see me getting through the Witcher before Fallout 4 comes out, and god knows if I’ll go back to it after that. It’d be a tragedy too because its great and I want to finish the series.

      Exactly like me.

      Unfortunately I've all but given up trying to play complex AAA games that I once loved.

      I actually find I enjoy myself more when I just admit I don't have the time to play the "epic" rpg's I used to love, and instead settle down and play something I'll get some actual value out of during short gaming sessions. This typically means games which are easy to just sit down and play, without learning how to manage the inventory or deal with strange mechanics.

      For example, I recently went back to playing 'Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine' in my spare time. Easy to pick up and play, short cut scenes, and very little "wasted" time.
      I also play a bit of Heroes of the Storm (Dota 2 felt ridiculously complex and I couldn't be bothered learning), or Some COD:AW / CS:GO. Portal 2 is also a good fit - easy to knock out a couple of levels before bed.

      Hrm that's pretty much what i do (3 2hr sessions a week). I'm slowly pluggin through it. I did binge session on it a couple of times where i just couldnt put the game down (baron quest had to do it all in one sitting - was enthralled).

      But atm i just load it up, do contracts if i might be interrupted - quest line if i know i won't be. For me it's no different to many other games.

      I found that I could do some side-quests when I only had an hour to spare - such as witcher contracts.

    Nope. Every time I start playing it, I get distracted with some side mission, or 'I wonder what this question mark is ...' problem ... think this will keep me going until Fallout 4 hits

      This! I also spend a lot of time just panning around the area I'm standing in....those sunrises and sunsets - wow!

      Same here with the witcher, getting me through to fallout. With Fallout 4 I'm really hoping it tops The Witcher 3 though

    Nope, the latest patch (at the time) kept crashing my game (PC). I was pretty much at the very end of the main quest. I just haven't gone back, I was kind of done with the game anyway, felt like the story had gone on long enough.

      Are you on an Nvidia card? I had the same problem for awhile and it turns out that the shadow play (i think that was it) causes it to crash. So I had to disable it through control panel and it fixed the problem.

        I am indeed! I didn't think to check that, I should try it. Thanks!

          Yeah I noticed after one patch my game video would crash and I'd have to ctrlaltdel to close it properly.

    Nope, about level 21 and I've done one or 2 story missions in Skellige (which I really, really like as a location) and been busy trying to reduce some of the side quests and witcher contracts and treasure hunts.

    Also been really addicted to gwent.

    This is such a marvel... Easily the greatest game i have ever played... It sort of beats Red dead redemption, but if red dead was as big maybe it would win...

    I have reached Skellige and done a few main missions but i imagine i have a long way to go.

    I'm on my my fourth playthrough,each averaging 130 hours or so.However,each update or patch has caused more problems than the game originally had.My current source of frustration is the fact that the keys that open cages with prisoners inside just do not exist.Also,the Wolf gear I've been looking forward to is unobtainable and several missions such as Morkvag will not successfully complete this time through.It's tough to take when your 60 hours in.I guess I'll stop whinging ,reinstall and start again.

      That's just over 7 hours per day every day since the game came out (assuming you're 60 hours into playthrough 4). I'm not even mad, that's amazing.

        Thx steinmeister.However,as with Skyrim and Fallout etc,I take a month off work and probably average 18 hrs a day for the first few weeks.So I think I did the first 250 hrs in a couple weeks and 200 hrs total in the last 6 or 7.I had 3 days of Batman in there as well.Will do the same in November for Fallout 4.I have a good missus.

    Haven't even bought it yet, but will do soon as I just acquired a GTX 970.
    Need to find the time to play it however... have a 6 month old at home....

    Finished it just before that new patch came out the other day, grrr. But I've still got a few random side-quests left that are way below me level-wise, will probably get around to finishing them up soon. I was about Level 35 by the time I finished with max Cat School armour/weapons and felt way overpowered, whereas at the start I would spend half my time getting owned by random wolves or Drowners...

    Without giving away spoilers - at what storyline mission should I stop in order to complete side quests?

    I've just finished travelling to the elven "otherworld"

      You're given a "final mission" warning when it comes to it. However you're far enough along that I'd do side quests from now on. You're a fair way through.

      Last edited 23/07/15 3:36 pm

    Addicted to gwent, still in chapter 1. Planning on playing more gwent this weekend and progressing no where in the story line. I live the gwent life

    Nope. 55hrs in and I'm thinking about heading to Skellige, but then got sidetracked with Pillars of Eternity. One day, I'll get to Skellige... one day... *stares off into middle-distance*

      But the Skellige soundtrack is awesome

      Skellige's amazing. Velen and Novigrad are fairly generic cut and paste fantasy worlds and extremely flat in comparison.

      Also I love the ambient music that plays there...

    Finished game with 71 hours on record and 18 off record cause I didnt do my GOG account properly on the first day. Waiting for the remaining Free DLC and Expansions before I do a second play through maybe next year.

    Not yet. About 120 hr in and I think I only have a few quests left. Fantastic game. Whenever I'm not playing it I feel as if I should be.

    I've had it since launch day, put in about 5 hours on PC, was devastated that I had to drop the settings down too far to get it to run on my 4 year old PC (felt like I wanted to experience it at its best). Convinced myself that I deserve a new PC (cause you know I am me and stuff) Spent about a week or so picking new parts for PC, spent exactly a craptonne of dollars on all the parts then instantly regretted it (for a little bit). Thought about my spending habits and re-assessed my life values (didn't take long or achieve anything. although I did realise I wanted Nachos..... yes they were awesome thanks for asking). Now waiting for my last few parts to come in (I actually just received my dispatch email to let me know my last few parts have been sent WHOOOO). So maybe this weekend I will get to play, IF I can get all the parts here by then and IF I can get it all together and working and IF I can download it again by then....oh and IF I actually have some spare time to play it. SOOOOOO probably not his weekend but soon I tells ya soon !! (well at least I hope I can play it before Fallout 4 comes, finishing it with my limited spare time is another storey all together !!)

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