Women Make The Cover Of EA's Biggest Sports Game

Women Make The Cover Of EA's Biggest Sports Game

Not only is this the first year you'll be able to play as women's teams in FIFA 16, it's also the first year they have made the cover of one of the biggest video games on the planet. Nicely done, EA.

At least three markets — the US, Australia and Canada — will have women on the game's box, all of them sharing space with Lionel Messi, who is bound by contract until death to get his face on the front of FIFA, whether he wants it there or not.

In the US it will be Alex Morgan, in Canada it will be captain Christine Sinclair and in Australia it's Stephanie Catley. I hope all three enjoy being as badly photoshopped onto the cover as their male counterparts.

Women Make The Cover Of EA's Biggest Sports Game
Women Make The Cover Of EA's Biggest Sports Game
Women Make The Cover Of EA's Biggest Sports Game


    Fantastic this is finally happening! Great looking cover too!

      Really like the Aussie cover - Steph Catley was a good choice. She's left Melbourne Victory for Portland Thorns so unfortunately not playing domestically in Aus anymore.

    Is it just me or does it look like the chick in the blue's face has been the victim of a really bad cut and paste job? It looks like it's been cut off.

    Also that Australian woman has had her lawn mower photoshopped out.

      Not just you, I thought that the artwork looks quite poorly done. You'd hope that if they're giving these athletes a spot on the cover, they'd be willing to bring them in for a green-screen shoot and get some clean photos!

        Hopefully it's just mockup art because I agree, it looks terrible. Not the concept, but the implementation.

    I hope they do the game well... I hope the women look like women and run like women etc. I am not trying to be a smart arse here, I am glad that women are in the game, I just want it done well, not as though it is an after thought. Some of the competitions in FIFA 15 have a lot of players that the commentators don't even know the names of so hopefully they don't do the same injustice to the women's teams.

    I like the look of these covers.

    Women's matches are played on artificial turf, and their models accumulate realistic scabbing decals.

      They also walk off injuries.


    Seems strange they've added women in here in the same year that, from what I've read, they've removed all the women players from their golf game that were in there last year. Seems EA give with one hand while taking away with the other. Or are they planning to patch them back into the golf game at some later date?

      The cynic in me assumes the only reason is because the US women's soccer team won the World Cup this year and EA see it as an easy cash grab opportunity. I don't think they actually give a shit about women's sport otherwise.

        I would have thought the same thing tbh, but they had announced women being in FIFA 16 before the Women's World Cup.


          Ha, fair enough. Still could be timed to coincide with the Women's World Cup even if they didn't know the US was going to win. Something in my head just refuses to believe a company like EA would care enough to do it for honourable reasons.

      There’s only so much you can do when you have to add important new features every year.

      Women should be thankful that they’ve been promoted to a spot between FIFA 15’s advanced goalpost shaking animation and FIFA 17’s real-time boot-tape stickiness depreciation.

    It's only been a year since the release of FIFA 15, where on earth did they find the time to make all of the female animations?

      you have no idea how hard this made me laugh. Nice throwback.

    I don't play sports games personally but this can only be seen as a good thing :) will be nice for young female gamers (especially those into Soccer) to see some role models in the game. I especially like the localisation touch of having the women come from the country.

    Not the first time EA Sports have had females in sports games NBA street 3 i think it was had some of the WNBA players (including Lauren Jackson) in it. That was awesome playing as them and they were rated similar to the men which made it a lot better when you had one on your team.

    Does FIFA have online stats regarding the frequency that a team is used?

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