World Of Warcraft Hyperlapse Shows How Big Azeroth Really Is

World of Warcraft Hyperlapse Shows How Big Azeroth Really Is

With flying and a number of portals added to the game, the days of travelling 20-30 minutes just to finish a quest, and exploring Azeroth on foot or on a ground mount might be over — but BigCliffy's cool hyperlapse video will bring some of those memories back.

Even though the video only features Kalimdor, the Eastern Kingdoms and Pandaria, with a couple of other zones not connected directly to the main ones missing, it still feels massive. And it's a pretty cool way to see the game's world this way.

In the video, BigCliffy first goes from Darkshore, the northern tip of Kalimdor to the very bottom of the continent, and arrives at Ahn'Qiraj. Then he begins his journey from the Undercity in the Eastern Kingdoms and makes his way to the southern pirate hub of Booty Bay. And finally it's a circular tour from the Jade Forest to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms in Pandaria.

Picture: Ascendens / Wowhead


    It is unfortunate that the leveling experience has been so streamlined for new players. So much of the fun and wonder of the game came from getting to a new area and exploring the zone in it's entirety. So much of the old world remains obsolete because there is no longer a good reason to go to those places, deadwind pass for example, seeing karazhan off in the distance. Alterac valley, feralas and hillsbrad too, zones that you may not even end up setting foot in if you get too attached to the dungeon finder.

      When i played wow last year before i quit i was completing all quests at a rate of 100-200 a day to see what was all missed. Some of them were really fun to do and explained some neat things.

    God damn, I miss this game...

    I have to resist though. I've been clean for six years. I can't go back.

      haha i know the feeling, i have fond memories of leveling back in vanilla, left years ago and everytime i think of going back, i remember the end game. aka sitting in Org waiting for dungeon finder.

    Reminds me of "Who needs a zepplin?" from back in 2006.

    who needs the environment when you're zooming through shit so fast thanks to heirlooms and then end up playing menu based facebook games.

    seriously check out Vanilla243
    aussie hosted and full of goodness!

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