World Of Warcraft-Themed PS4 Is All About The Spikes

World of Warcraft-Themed PS4 Is All About The Spikes

Even though you can't play World of Warcraft on consoles, this custom PS4 with Horde chains and spikes is pretty damn cool.

The result is a model that looks like a Horde treasure chest, shield or some sort of banner. I'm not sure about heat issues, but fire would just make it even more Horde-like.

It's special commission, made by Jriquelme Mods (via r/wow, where you can find the photos is higher resolution).


    Wonder what he would do if he had to send it in to Sony to get fixed or something and they send back a refurbished standard one.

    Next awesome custom case mods include:

    * Brilliant Uncharted-themed PC case mod
    * Zelda-themed Xbox One
    * Halo-themed WiiU


      HA!.... There already is a Commodore 64 mobile phone :)

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