Wow, That's A Large Anime Figure

Wow, That's a Large Anime Figure

Size does matter. And this anime figurine is pretty damn big.

This is Momo from the manga and anime To Love-Ru. The figurine is life-sized, so here's how it compares with a real human:

Wow, That's a Large Anime Figure

Picture: torafes2015

The figure was recently displayed at an event in Japan.

Wow, That's a Large Anime Figure

Picture: fumitukiwarabi

Wow, That's a Large Anime Figure

Picture: nichirou

Wow, That's a Large Anime Figure

Picture: 2ch

Wow, That's a Large Anime Figure

Picture: fumitukiwarabi

Pretty big, no? What's most amazing, however, is that this was done with a 3D printer. I don't think I've seen an anime figure this large before from a 3D printer.

Picture: 2ch


    How you gonna hide this one?

      HIDE?! What sick demented person would hide otaku figures?!


      ...followed by awkward conversations w/ guests and family members who don't know diddly squat about anime and otaku culture! ^^b

        Mainly talking about the last part... Having Rider from Fate series would be fine but this... this...

        Last edited 01/07/15 6:40 pm

        Put it just inside your front door with an automated recording asking if you want "a dinner, a bath or... ?" for just that little extra touch.

        Based on the veil, I would say she's supposed to be waifu material...

        Anyway, I was looking for an excuse to get a 3D printer!

        Exactly. I was in a Gloria Jeans last night and overheard a lady saying "what's an anime". I immediately dashed my chai tea latte to the ground and stumbled out into the street, sobbing.

    I give it 10 years max (prb 6) and the thing will be walking and talking and doing all sorts of verb words with their owners.

    Yay [email protected]

      I'll give it 6 months and it's a sex doll, if not already...

        I'll give it 12 hours before a picture of someone busting a nut on it appears on 4chan

    Comparing it with a regular human. The proportion of the figurine does not make sense. She should be shorter than the human

      Anime girls tend to have extremely distorted legs (amongst other things). That's where the main height difference is found with the real life lady.

    its cool and all, but wouldn't the tail get in the way?

    Now I see a reason why I should buy a 3D printer. Shiiieeeett.

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